Orlando Health Network's stethoscope on a heart

Orlando Healthcare Network, formerly called HealthChoice, is a health care system in the Central Florida region. The company has a network of Orlando-area hospitals that provide affordable care for patients with self-funded employer group insurance plans.

Orlando Healthcare is not an insurance company and cannot offer financial assistance directly for medical services, including addiction treatment.

Does Orlando Healthcare Cover Drug and Alcohol Detox?

Orlando Healthcare, formerly knowns as HealthChoice, is not an insurance company and does not provide coverage for any medical service. Orlando Healthcare is a network of hospitals and insurance plans that increases people’s access to affordable health care options.

Benefits Offered From Orlando Healthcare for Addiction Treatment

Orlando Healthcare is comprised of several Central Florida hospitals. Depending on which providers are part of the network, one or more may offer addiction treatment. If your insurance plan is part of the Orlando Healthcare system, then you may receive coverage for some or all of the costs associated with rehab.

Will Orlando Healthcare Cover My Entire Stay for Addiction Treatment?

Orlando Healthcare does not provide direct coverage for any medical service, including residential addiction treatment. If a provider in the network offers rehab, then you may receive discounted rates of care through your insurance plan.

Find Out More About What My Orlando Healthcare Insurance Plan Covers

Visit the Orlando Healthcare website to find a provider that is within the network and manage your claims and benefits.