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Withdrawing from alcohol can be deadly. Experts interviewed by LiveScience say it’s best to go through the process with the help of experts, in an alcohol detox facility, so that emerging problems can be treated as soon as they appear. When people get that help, detoxifying from alcohol is safe, and you can get the help you need at Orlando Recovery Center

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Signs and Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal

Every drop of alcohol you drink has the ability to slow down the cells of your brain. In time, those sedated cells become accustomed to working at a slower pace. If you remove the dampening effect of alcohol all at once, and those cells are forced to wake up quickly, a variety of signs can emerge, including:

  • Trembling hands and feet
  • Nervousness
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Agitation
  • Clammy skin
  • Headache

Those symptoms typically peak by 24-72 hours after the last sip of alcohol, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, but some people have symptoms that last for much longer.

While detoxification is a normal, natural process that’s a vital part of healing from alcoholism, people who go through detox without the help of an alcohol detox facility can grow frightened and worried as their symptoms intensify. Some even choose to drop back into the bottle, because they are frightened of what their symptoms mean.

Sadly, some people go through alcohol detox without the help of any experts at all. These people may begin to experience seizures, and they may choke while those tremors are underway. Or, some people develop head injuries while they’re going through seizures. Those injuries can also be life-threatening.

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What Happens in an Alcohol Detox Facility?

Medications, like benzodiazepines, can be of vital importance to people with significant alcohol addiction histories. These medications can soothe the electrical storms inside brain cells, so people can get sober without enduring seizures or other dangerous side effects. The soothing can also keep people from relapsing to alcoholism, as they won’t feel as though their lives are in danger.

Therapy can also be helpful during detox, as treatment teams can help to explain what the detox process is and why it’s important. Those conversations can help people to understand that the symptoms they’re feeling are both natural and expected, and that they will make it through to the other side. Sometimes, just knowing that someone else has been through the same issue provides support that can keep people engaged and involved in treatment.

All of these therapies can be an important part of the alcohol detox program, but the teams that provide that care must be experienced. That’s what you’ll get at Orlando Recovery Center. Every single person who provides patient care knows just what to do to help people to recover and is dedicated to the health and healing of people with alcoholism. When you enroll, you’ll have real help from experts. That could make all the difference.

The environment of the alcohol detox facility is also important, as people forced to stay in clinical or unclean spaces tend to drop out of care quickly. Orlando Recovery Center is different. You’ll have access to rooms that are clean, comfortable, and private. You’ll be able to relax and focus on your healing, secure in the knowledge that you’re in the best place for long-term healing.


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Getting Help From Orlando Recovery Center

As many as 2 million people endure alcohol withdrawal symptoms each year, per the American Academy of Family Physicians. With help from Orlando Recovery Center, you won’t be a part of those statistics. You’ll get the help you’ll need to move through detox with the smallest number of symptoms possible, and you’ll emerge stronger. You’ll be ready to really work on your alcoholism.

Enrollment is really easy, too. Just call the number at the top of the page to get the process started. The admissions staff will ask you a few questions about your alcoholism and the methods you’ve tried in the past, and the team will follow up with calls to your insurance company, so you’ll have preauthorization when you arrive. The team can arrange for your transportation to the facility, too. If you’re calling on behalf of someone else, the team can put you in touch with an interventionist, so you can discuss the benefits of treatment in an effective manner.

Someone is always available to take your call, and the information you give is always kept confidential. Just call to find out more and experience the Orlando Recovery Center difference for yourself.

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