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The vast majority of American adults drink alcohol. In fact, according to a Gallup poll, Americans average about four alcoholic drinks per week. But maybe you drink more than four drinks per week. Maybe you drink more than four drinks per day, or more than four drinks per hour on certain occasions. If so, you could need the help of an alcoholism treatment center. Orlando Recovery Center could be just right for you.

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Could It Be Alcoholism?

In 2012, about 7.2 percent of American adults had an alcohol use disorder, says the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Some people know right away that their drinking habits have spun out of control, but others seem a little confused about when to apply the label. Do they really have alcoholism, or are they just alcohol drinkers?

There is no brain scan or blood test that can diagnose alcoholism. Instead, medical professionals at an alcoholism treatment center use a series of questions to help determine whether or not a person needs help. These are just a few of the questions used:

  • Do you feel strong cravings for alcohol?
  • Do you keep on drinking, even when it’s causing you problems?
  • Do you skip activities you enjoy, so you’ll have more time to devote to drinking?
  • Do you end up drinking more than you ever expected to drink?

If you find that you’re nodding your head in agreement with these questions, or if you see the behavior of someone you love reflected in these questions, it’s time to get help from an alcoholism treatment program.

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Why Get Help?

Alcoholism isn’t a matter of willpower. People with this disorder have chemically altered brain cells that call out for alcohol, and they’re often unable to resist the temptation to abuse alcohol. That’s why promising to change alcohol-related behaviors rarely works, say experts at the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence. Instead of making promises, people with alcoholism need to make changes. They need treatment, support, and skills. You can get that at Orlando Recovery Center.

The treatment team at Orlando Recovery Center is made up of trained, clinical professionals with years of experience in assisting people with alcoholism. Some focus on physical changes alcohol can bring. Others focus on skill-building, so people with alcohol can avoid relapse. Others assist with life skills, so people with alcoholism can develop lives that are fulfilling, even if they don’t drink alcohol.

The facilities at Orlando Recovery Center augment healing. They’re designed to be clean, light, and bright, with plenty of space for private contemplation and ample rooms for connecting and sharing. People who enroll are surrounded by healing, and you’ll see the difference from the moment you walk through the door.


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Easy Admissions

While alcoholism is a devastating disease that family members might quickly identify, people with alcoholism might be reluctant to get the help they need. An intervention can be a vital way to break through the barriers of denial and help someone to see the need for enrollment in an alcoholism treatment center.

In an intervention, a professional helps to educate the person with alcoholism and his/her family about the dangers of alcohol. Then, the family reiterates why the person should get care and what will happen if the person refuses to do so. At the end of this conversation, the person should enroll immediately, before the momentum generated by this talk is gone for good.

Orlando Recovery Center is an excellent intervention partner. The admissions team can work with your family in the days leading up to the intervention, making sure all is ready so the person can get right into treatment when the talk is through. The admissions team can also help connect families to interventionists, as needed.

If you, or someone you love, need help with alcoholism, consider Orlando Recovery Center. Just call to find out more.

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