Why Is Family Therapy So Important in Florida Drug Rehab?

Florida drug rehab

Drug addiction is not just an individual problem. It is a family crisis that has happened many times throughout history. Addiction affects parents, brothers and sisters, children and even friends, who are sometimes just as close as family. The fact that family members care for one another makes it impossible to sever the emotional tie, not that you would want … Read More

9 Things You Should Know about Cocaine Addiction in Florida

Florida addiction treatment

Cocaine has made headlines for decades. Superstars and celebrities die from cocaine addiction. So do seemingly average people who think they can use it once in a while, and people on the fringe of society who are addicted to multiple drugs. The appeal of cocaine is energy and euphoria. If you ask 10 users, you will probably hear the same … Read More

Family Roles Within Addiction [Infographic]

Battling addiction is a team effort. Those who are suffering do not suffer alone, nor do they recover from addiction single-handedly without any support. Though there may only be one person who is exclusively victimized, the effects of substance dependence spreads far beyond one target. While some individuals may react more negatively than others to the family affair, others may respond with … Read More

Dealing with an Alcoholic in the Family

Holidays are a festive time of family and celebration, but also can be a time of concern for a family member who struggles with alcoholism. Dealing with an alcoholic is painful and you may feel there is no solution to the problem. You are not alone and effective resources are available.   What are the warning signs of alcoholism as … Read More

The Roles We Play: Addiction Family Roles Explored

Overcoming addiction is a team effort; when one member falls victim to substance abuse it’s the rest of family’s duty to lift them back up. And in doing so, each family member is called to fulfill a certain role – a position in which they may not normally occupy, but a role in which they naturally adapt. Though most of … Read More

You Want To Get Sober, Now What?

  Eventually, you get to the point when enough is enough. You get sick and tired of being sick and tired and that’s when you know you need to change your life. Putting down the drugs and alcohol and being willing to change your life is a big deal. You have the desire to get sober, but now what? Here … Read More

Going The Distance In Recovery

  If life were a marathon, then slipping into a cycle of substance abuse is like collapsing to the ground. Seeking recovery occurs when a person recognizes that they have fallen and decides to get up, dust themselves off, and finish the race. The rest of that marathon is recovery, and those first few steps: regaining one’s balance, learning to … Read More

Co-Occurring Disorders: Double The Danger

Many who find themselves with a substance use disorder, that is to say in a state of substance abuse or dependency, have found themselves in this place due to self-medication. Whether or not they had identified or were fully aware of the extent of their mental health issues, they instinctively turned to alcohol or other drugs to abate the symptoms … Read More

5 Things To Know About Co-Occurring Disorders

    For many individuals, alcohol and drug abuse are often accompanied by other mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety. In fact, about 50 percent of individuals with a severe mental health disorder also suffer from a substance abuse problem. While these may seem like separate issues, there is actually a term for disorders that go hand-in-hand like … Read More

Love and the Bottle: Can Your Relationship Survive Alcoholism?

Maybe you and your partner drank together at one time – and maybe you drink a little more than you should sometimes on your own. Or maybe you’ve gotten clean and sober, but your partner is still drinking heavily. However your relationship began or how your partner’s drinking may have started , today it’s clear: your partner is an alcoholic … Read More