5 Tips For Telling People You Are An Alcoholic

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For many, one of the scariest parts of addiction and alcoholism is the fear of what others will think and how they will react upon hearing the news that you are an alcoholic. For this reason, some people may keep their struggle quiet. But this isn’t always the best option, as recovery is something that is not easy alone. Most … Read More

Why Relapse Does Not Mean Failure

relapse does not mean failure

For many on the road to sobriety and recovery, relapse is part of the journey. Though at the time of a relapse it may feel like a failure of sorts, it doesn’t have to be. Many people in sobriety come back from a relapse and are able to maintain continuous sobriety afterward. Like anything else in sobriety, it’s just about … Read More

The Four Stages Of Addiction

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Addiction does not happen overnight. Though it may sometimes appear as if someone with a substance abuse disorder develops a problem quickly, this isn’t usually the case. When it comes to addiction to alcohol and/or drugs, there are often stages that a person goes through as their dependency to the substance grows. The following are the stages someone with a … Read More

4 Behaviors To Adopt In Alcohol Recovery

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Maintaining sobriety after treatment can be scary. For some, it is difficult to go back to the real world after being in a facility with routine and treatment professionals. Treatment facilities can feel safe and secure, and leaving them may leave an addict or alcoholic with a feeling of uncertainty about how to proceed in sobriety. After leaving treatment, certain … Read More

5 Ways That You Can Stay Sober After Attending Rehab

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For many people on the path of sobriety, receiving treatment is the easy part. It’s what follows treatment that can often scare people enough to stray from sobriety and back to their old lives. The reason for this is that being in a rehabilitation facility provides a sense of comfort. Each day brings routine, and for those struggling with substance … Read More

Is It Possible To Find A Cure For Addiction and Alcoholism?

is there a cure for addiction?

It has long been a question for scientists and doctors—is there a cure for addiction and alcoholism? When it comes to diseases, some have clear medical treatments and cures, while others, like addiction, do not. Merriam-Webster defines a cure as “something (such as a drug or medical treatment) that stops a disease and makes someone healthy again.” Based on that … Read More

9 Diet Tips To Help During Drug Detox

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Drug detoxing is often a difficult process, and can be incredibly uncomfortable. Because the body is going through some significant changes when coming off of drugs, it is important to try to nourish it the best you can. Detox is a different process for everyone, but it’s possible that certain foods can aid in the comfort level and the amount … Read More

How Long Does Alcohol Stay In Urine?

How long the detection window lasts, though, is dependent on different factors, such as your age, weight, gender, health — both mental and physical — the amount and type of alcohol consumed, and whether or not you drink on a full or empty stomach. But, generally, you can expect alcohol to be detectable in your urine anywhere from 12 hours … Read More

What Is Valium Addiction?

Valium, like many drugs, can elicit abusive and addictive behavior when utilized incorrectly. In this case, there are certain long-term and short-term effects for the person using the drug, as well as possible treatment solutions. What is valium? Valium is a drug most often prescribed to prevent anxiety and panic attacks, and can be prescribed by a medical doctor or … Read More

4 Reasons Language In Recovery Matters

As with many instances in life, what you say and how you say it matters when it comes to recovery. Certain language and labels in the world of recovery can be detrimental when it comes to an addict’s well-being. People are constantly working to change the language surrounding addiction, and these are the reasons why. Labels contribute to existing stigmas. … Read More