Drug And Alcohol Detox Methods: What You Need To Know

drug detox methods

Making the decision to stop using drugs or alcohol is a huge decision, and it’s a difficult one for many people struggling with a substance use disorder. When it comes to detoxing, there are two main ways to do so: quit cold turkey or taper off. Each option has its pros and cons depending on how long you’ve been using, … Read More

Brain On Drugs: The Science Of Drug Abuse And Addiction

brain on drugs

When you see someone struggling with a substance use disorder, it’s easy to write it off and blame them for their addiction. It’s not uncommon to hear people say, “they did it to themselves,” “they don’t care about who they’re hurting,”  or “they can stop at any moment.” But the reality is that addiction doesn’t work this way, and most … Read More

Injecting Drugs: The Side Effects And Dangers

injecting drugs

Drugs can be abused in a variety of ways. While some people choose to take drugs orally, others choose to snort, smoke, or inject them. The practice of injecting drugs into the bloodstream with a needle, also known as “shooting up,” is incredibly dangerous, and it can affect both the brain and body in a wide variety of ways—both in … Read More

7 Signs You May Need Rehab for Your Alcohol Addiction

do i need rehab for alcohol

In today’s culture, alcohol is marked as social substances that makes everything more fun. It’s no surprise then that it’s difficult for some people to see the difference between drinking for pleasure and a more serious problem. On top of that, there are stereotypes that make it easier for an alcoholic that doesn’t fit the mold to stay in denial. Addiction … Read More

Why You Should Detox At A Medical Detox Center

when is a medical detox center the best choice

If you’ve been struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction and have considered entering treatment, the first step is to go through detoxification. Detox can be a dangerous, scary, and uncomfortable process, and it’s one of the biggest reasons why people put off treatment in the first place. Because withdrawal symptoms vary from mild discomfort to seizures, it’s important to … Read More

5 Activities That Take Place In Relapse Prevention Group Therapy

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When you’re in recovery for a drug or alcohol addiction, there may come a time when you start using again. This return to drug or alcohol use is known as a relapse. The claim that relapse is a normal part of recovery is true to some extent, but it shouldn’t be viewed as a necessary step. Statistically speaking, however, most people who begin … Read More

Opioid Addiction: How To Cope With Opiate Withdrawal

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If you’re one of the two million people in the United States suffering from opiate or heroin addiction (or you know someone who is), it’s important to know that you’re not alone. The first step toward recovery is to stop using the drug, which can often lead to withdrawal symptoms. The fear of experiencing withdrawal is what keeps many opiate addicts … Read More

6 Vitamins And Minerals That Help Remove Toxins During Drug Detox

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Withdrawal from drugs and alcohol can have serious – and even painful – side effects depending on how long you’ve been using. There are several different drugs used during detox to help with pain and withdrawal symptoms, but what many people don’t realize is that vitamins and minerals are also beneficial. Vitamins help your body remove toxins and rebuild the … Read More

4 Stages Of Recovery From Addiction


Addiction is a complicated disease that is classified as both a mental illness and chronic disease. For some, addiction happens quickly, but for others, it develops over time. When you’re dealing with drug or alcohol addiction, it’s easy to feel alone. However, there are approximately 23.5 million Americans addicted to drug or alcohol, while only 11% of those people attend … Read More

Common Male Eating Disorder Symptoms

Eating disorders are serious, potentially life-threatening mental illnesses. While eating disorders are often portrayed as illnesses that only affect females, this simply isn’t the case. It’s estimated that eight to 10 million people in the United States suffer from an eating disorder, and around 10 percent of those are men. However, the number is thought to be much higher, as … Read More