Group Therapy Activities That Bring Recovery at Drug Rehab

group therapy activities

Therapy practices at drug rehab programs take on a variety of forms at different times. There’s specialized emergency work, individualized counseling sessions, and group therapy sessions. Patients receiving a mixture of both individual and group therapy sessions benefit greatly in the long term. Analyzing past behaviors in individual sessions can lead to better understanding of goal setting in group therapy … Read More

Common Behavioral And Physical Signs Of Substance Use In Teenagers

signs of drug abuse in teenagers

As kids move from middle school into high school, they start to explore new experiences to help find their identity. It’s during this time when young teenagers are tempted to try different drugs and/or alcohol. Because the transition from middle school to high school is tough for some kids. In their quest to ‘fit in,’ they may find older kids … Read More

What Is The Morphine Withdrawal Timeline?

morphine withdrawal opioid

A key consideration for those with a morphine use disorder and other opioids is how to beat the opioid withdrawal process. A user may feel that since he is the one who fell into an opioid use disorder, then he should be solely responsible for taking steps to getting off the drugs and choosing to live drug-free. But this solitary … Read More