Out of State Rehab: Advantages and Disadvantages

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The amount of options for attending rehab can seem overwhelming. Offered amenities vary, counseling options differ, and duration of stay is changeable. People wonder what role insurance plays and how much rehab is really going to cost. These factors can keep people from seeking rehab, despite several studies showing that attending a rehab program can make a big difference on … Read More

Delirium Tremens and Alcohol Withdrawal: Symptoms and Treatment

delirium tremens alcohol withdrawal

Withdrawal. Simply upon hearing the world, many unpleasant images and ideas come to mind. However, people are often unclear as to what withdrawal actually means. They wonder about symptoms of alcohol withdrawal and about what reactions this might develop in the person struggling with alcohol addiction. Does it affect psychological functioning or only physical?  Can it happen to any drinker?  How … Read More

What Is Binge Drinking And How Is It Treated?

Drunk man asleep at a table. Alcoholism

It’s associated with wild college students, but it’s more prevalent and wide-ranging than many initially think. Binge drinking. This incidence occurs when a few drinks turn into many drinks and is characterized by compulsive behavior. People wonder if binge drinkers are alcoholics or alcohol dependent or if this type of drinking can be called a disease or a mental illness. Some … Read More