How To Help A Loved One In Denial

Addict in denial

It has become a cliché that people with substance use disorders will initially be in denial that they have a problem at all. Their substance abuse then seems to become your problem, as you try to get them to acknowledge what seems obvious. In order to help someone in denial, it’s important to understand what substance use disorders (SUDs) are, how they lead to … Read More

9 Reasons to Stay Sober (And How To Make It Happen)

reasons to stay sober and drug-free

The reasons why someone begins to use drugs are too numerous to count. Some start because of peer pressure. Others because of stress. Still, others start out of curiosity. For every addict in the world, there is a uniquely personal reason they began using their substance of choice. However, there are an equal number of reasons to get sober and … Read More

What To Do After A Relapse Occurs

Tips for after a relapse

Even when you commit to getting sober, relapse is a very real possibility. According to an Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) survey, 75% of people relapse during their first year of recovery. Half of cocaine addicts will relapse within a year of completing detox. In general, 40-60% of drug users will relapse at some point during recovery. Women are particularly susceptible to relapse. A 2013 study showed … Read More

What To Do When Drug Cravings Strike

how to cope with drug cravings

When you enter treatment for drug addiction, one of the first challenges you will encounter is wanting to use. The Mayo Clinic defines addiction as an uncontrollable physical dependence on a particular substance, and these cravings are completely normal; however, that doesn’t make it easier to experience them. Thankfully, we now understand why cravings happen, how to combat them in … Read More