Klonopin and Alcohol: A Dangerous and Deadly Combination

klonopin and alcohol

If your loved one was using prescription drugs and drinking alcohol right now, how would you know? No matter the number of conversations you may have had with a loved one, you and I both know they will always be faced with choices and pressure from their peers. Alcohol or popping pills can be seen as a way to fit … Read More

Inpatient Rehab: What’s Best for You? 

why you shouldn't detox from alcohol at home

Whether it’s drugs, alcoholism, sex, or gambling, struggling with addiction is never easy. Choosing the best inpatient rehab program can be a difficult decision. It can be easier to pick the first center you read or hear about— we hear story after story from people who have— but sometimes, the program might not be the right fit for your treatment … Read More

Relapse: Prevent It Before It Starts

Relapse Warning Signs

If your loved one was drinking or doing drugs right now, how would you know? No matter how many times they’ve tried to get sober, no matter how many promises they’ve made, relapse is just a drink away. Warning signs provide clues that relapse is imminent. And if you recognize them early enough, you can actually prevent relapse from happening. … Read More

Deeper Sleep: The Dangers of Restoril

restoril overdose symptoms

Imagine that you are watching a movie with your loved one when they turn to you and in a slurred speech ask you something completely nonsensical. You notice that they haven’t been able to follow the movie, but you brush it off. Later on that night, your loved one enters the kitchen with a container of powdered carpet cleaner and … Read More