Governor Supports Call for More Funding for Florida Addiction Treatment

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As some funding for Florida addiction treatment has fallen away, Governor Scott announced plans for new legislation that would carve out more money for the vital service. The drug addiction crisis has hit Florida residents especially hard. That is a situation with which Governor Scott says he is personally familiar. In a recent press release, he explained, “Growing up, my … Read More

Florida Professor Identifies Historical Pattern in Opioid Crisis

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The opioid epidemic might seem almost hopeless right now. With new and more disturbing statistics making their way into the state and national dialogue every month and more people dying from opioid addiction, the light at the tunnel seems farther away. Take heart. The current addiction crisis is not the first in American history. It is not even the first … Read More

What Happens in SMART Recovery in Florida?

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Recovery from drug or alcohol addiction is already a smart choice, but SMART Recovery is something different and it is available in Florida drug rehab. What is SMART? Self-Management and Recovery Training. It is flexible to help people suffering from a wide range of substance abuse disorders, and it is focused to teach strategies for managing different stages of recovery. … Read More