Can Gaming Addiction Be Treated in Florida Rehab?

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Video games are a blast, right? Whether you like first-person shooters, fantasy RPGs, racing, or anything else, games have advanced to a point that hardly anyone could have imagined when Pong was released in 1972. They are also addicting, and not just for kids. It makes sense when you consider what an addiction really is. Psychology Today says addictions are … Read More

Opioid Addicts in Florida May Not Be Who You Think

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The nation is struggling with an ongoing painkiller and heroin abuse and overdose epidemic, but the users of these drugs in Florida may not be who you think. Many people associate opioid abuse with rural America and young people, where “hillbilly heroin,” which is another name for OxyContin, has claimed countless lives. However, new research has revealed that the misuse … Read More

4 Benefits of Using the Services of a Florida Interventionist

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It is a hopeless and helpless feeling to have a loved one who is struggling with addiction. Sometimes a person with a substance abuse issue will respond to the pleas from family to get help or may even be motivated by other circumstances. Unfortunately, addiction is such a subtle and baffling disease that it takes the lives of too many … Read More

Florida Sees Dramatic Surge in Addicted Babies

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The most innocent victims of the opioid epidemic are sometimes the hardest hit. There is an alarming increase in the number of Florida babies born to addicted mothers. Sadly, when mother is addicted, baby often is, too. According to the Centers for Disease Control, there was a “five-fold increase” in the number of American babies born with NAS or Neonatal … Read More

What Florida Seniors Should Know about Percocet

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While the opioid epidemic in younger Florida residents continues, there is another side to the crisis that is growing. It is also underreported. Florida seniors are just as susceptible to developing an addiction as younger people. With a legal prescription to manage chronic pain, addiction and overdose are more common for seniors than you might think. With Florida drug rehab, … Read More

Can You Force Someone to Go to Florida Drug Rehab?

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It is not common, but it does happen. Involuntary commitment to a Florida drug rehab center is usually an emergency or last-hope effort for someone who cannot or will not make the life-saving decision to enter rehab on their own. What is interesting about involuntary commitment is the success rate. When people enter treatment voluntarily, they want to make a … Read More

Exploring the Role of Meditation in Florida Addiction Recovery

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Meditation could become an integral part of your recovery in Florida drug rehab. It is much more than sitting idly with your eyes closed. Done well, meditation can create changes in the brain that last a lifetime, at least as long as you continue the practice. Meditation on its own and through meditation practice in treatment helps recovering addicts take … Read More

Do You Need a Sponsor for Addiction Recovery in Florida?

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You might be strong and independent, but everyone can use a little help sometimes. Drug rehab in Florida is just the beginning of recovery. Living clean and sober is a lifelong journey where the people you know could help or hinder your goals. For many, a sobriety program such as 12-step Alcoholics Anonymous or NarcAnon after treatment supports abstinence, but … Read More

What Role Does Exercise Play in Florida Drug Rehab?

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Florida drug rehab is not just about leaving addictive substances behind. It is more about rebuilding a healthy body and mind. Exercise is an important part of that. Recovery takes time. It also takes a healthy body. Chances are that physical and mental health, as well as good nutrition, have not been at the forefront of your mind for months … Read More

PhRMA CEO Onboard with Limiting Opioid Prescriptions in Florida

Legislators, health care providers, and pharmaceutical manufacturers are working together to help curb the national opioid crisis and stop opioid abuse disorder and new addictions before they start. That is the driving force behind Florida Governor Scott’s new agenda, which will limit first-time pain pill prescriptions to no more than a three-day supply. If you are not involved with battling … Read More