HIV in Miami: A Drug-Induced Ticking Time Bomb

A gloved hand holding a blood vile with the words HIV and box checked with red mark.

When most people think of HIV, they remember the heartbreaking epidemic that hit this country in the 1980s. Despite popular belief, the crisis has not passed. Due in part to this nation’s opioid epidemic, there are still rising numbers of new HIV cases. The hardest hit city in the country is Miami, Florida. The Spread of HIV in South Florida … Read More

4 Ways Al-Anon Helps Florida Families Heal

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When a loved one goes away to a Florida addiction treatment program, you trust that he or she is getting the help needed to address a substance use disorder. What about family members who have been affected by addiction for so long? There are support groups for addiction, but there is one for loved ones as well. Al-Anon is a … Read More

FDA Approves Non-Opioid Drug to Treat Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms

Rubber stamp with FDA Approved mark.

One of the most significant barriers to recovery for an opioid addict is the fear of withdrawal. Opioids are such powerful drugs that going without them for just a short period can cause significant discomfort for someone with an opioid use disorder. Fortunately, there are medications that can help and the FDA just approved a new one – the first … Read More

Identifying the Signs and Symptoms of Binge Eating Disorder in Florida

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Just because you enjoy food or occasionally overeat, that does not necessarily mean that you have an eating disorder. However, if you regularly eat large quantities of food and are unable to stop yourself from doing so, you might have a binge eating disorder. This is a relatively new eating disorder by definition, but it is more common than many … Read More

Why a Continuum of Care Is Needed in Florida Addiction Recovery

Florida addiction recovery

There is a common misconception around addiction that the problem is entirely physical. In other words, if you could just go somewhere to get through the discomfort of detox, you would be able to pick back up with your life as if that terrible chapter had never taken place. Anyone who gives this a try will quickly learn that a … Read More

What Florida Residents Should Know about Mixing Meds

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More than 64,000 Americans die from drug overdose deaths each year, which drives home the dangers of substance abuse. A little-known fact is that many of the people who lose their lives to overdoses have more than one drug in their system. When you mix two or more drugs, which is referred to as polydrug abuse, you are also increasing … Read More

9 Things You Should Know about Cocaine Addiction in Florida

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Cocaine has made headlines for decades. Superstars and celebrities die from cocaine addiction. So do seemingly average people who think they can use it once in a while, and people on the fringe of society who are addicted to multiple drugs. The appeal of cocaine is energy and euphoria. If you ask 10 users, you will probably hear the same … Read More

Can Gaming Addiction Be Treated in Florida Rehab?

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Video games are a blast, right? Whether you like first-person shooters, fantasy RPGs, racing, or anything else, games have advanced to a point that hardly anyone could have imagined when Pong was released in 1972. They are also addicting, and not just for kids. It makes sense when you consider what an addiction really is. Psychology Today says addictions are … Read More

Addiction Education in Florida the Key to Providing Help

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The more you know about drug addiction, the more likely you will be to succeed with recovery. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of myths surrounding the causes and nature of addiction. Successful treatment might also be a mystery, but education can change everything. Drug addiction treatment in Florida teaches you about what makes certain substances addictive. You will learn how … Read More

Fighting Food Addiction in Florida Rehab

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There are a lot of reasons to love food. It is fuel for the body that keeps you healthy and strong. It tastes delicious, so it is an instant reward. The problem emerges when food controls you instead of the other way around. If your food choices revolve around unhealthy things, a love of food can turn into a full-blown … Read More