What Medications Are Used for Alcohol Addiction Recovery in Florida?

Addiction recovery in Florida

While alcohol addiction recovery in Florida may not be easy, there are some medications can give you an advantage. They help control certain side-effects and symptoms of alcoholism that could otherwise lead to relapse. In combination with other treatments, such as residential or outpatient care and therapy, medications may be part of a treatment program that is customized for you. … Read More

Identifying the Stages of Relapse in Florida Addiction Recovery

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Relapse doe not happen in a blink. Addiction recovery is a lifelong process of ups and downs, and the slip back into bad habits could take weeks or longer to form. Before you know it, shadows from the past could creep up and threaten your reality, even in sunny Florida. Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine says relapse is gradual … Read More

Drug Addiction among Seniors Increasing in Florida

Drug addiction in Florida

Drug addiction in Florida is not just a disease for the young. A growing number of senior citizens suffer from substance addiction and dependency as well. With such a large number of Florida retirees, both in the Baby Boomer generation and older, identifying the problem is complicated. A veil of mystery is drawn around drug-related deaths in the elderly, so … Read More

Why Is Drug Addiction Different Dependent on Your Gender?

Happy patient has a breakthrough in group therapy while others are clapping her

Although drug addiction affects both men and women, research indicates that the experience varies depending on gender. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIH) says biological differences, as well as environmental and societal factors, affect the causes of addiction, the behavior of the addict, and which treatments are most effective. Women have certain risk factors that men typically do not … Read More

Is Your Job Contributing to Your Drug and Alcohol Addiction?

Three different types of workers from left to right: business woman, female physician, male construction worker wearing a hard hat.

The majority of people who suffer from an addiction are not living on the streets. Most addicts have a steady job and regular pay, according to Darryl S. Inaba, PharmD., a substance abuse expert in the Pacific Northwest. Some jobs offer access to drugs and alcohol, which is difficult to resist when combined with a stressful occupation. Some place workers … Read More

What Should I Do If My Loved One Relapses?

friend or family relapses

When a person enters into a life of recovery from drugs or alcohol, there is always a fear or possibility of relapse. Typically, in treatment programs or support groups, relapse prevention is a huge topic of discussion in the hopes that fully preparing someone for this potential threat will help them to avoid it. While understanding the signs is helpful, … Read More

Brain On Drugs: The Science Of Drug Abuse And Addiction

brain on drugs

When you see someone struggling with a substance use disorder, it’s easy to write it off and blame them for their addiction. It’s not uncommon to hear people say, “they did it to themselves,” “they don’t care about who they’re hurting,”  or “they can stop at any moment.” But the reality is that addiction doesn’t work this way, and most … Read More

Intervention Letters: What To Say To Your Loved One

writing intervention letters

Sometimes, the most powerful way to express how you feel about a loved one’s addiction is through a letter. It can also be a very helpful exercise for you to let out your feelings and channel them in a healthy, productive way. Expressing that you’re concerned about someone is important, but if you don’t go about it in an open, … Read More

Is It Possible To Find A Cure For Addiction and Alcoholism?

is there a cure for addiction?

It has long been a question for scientists and doctors—is there a cure for addiction and alcoholism? When it comes to diseases, some have clear medical treatments and cures, while others, like addiction, do not. Merriam-Webster defines a cure as “something (such as a drug or medical treatment) that stops a disease and makes someone healthy again.” Based on that … Read More