The Roles We Play: Addiction Family Roles Explored

Overcoming addiction is a team effort; when one member falls victim to substance abuse it’s the rest of family’s duty to lift them back up. And in doing so, each family member is called to fulfill a certain role – a position in which they may not normally occupy, but a role in which they naturally adapt. Though most of … Read More

4 Reasons To Get Sober Around The Holidays

  It’s that time of year! The Christmas lights are out, people are ringing bells and collecting toys, and Elf is being replayed on TV constantly. The holiday season is officially upon us and with it comes a season of change. What do I mean by that? I’m talking about making changes in your life, of the sober variety. Before … Read More

Going The Distance In Recovery

  If life were a marathon, then slipping into a cycle of substance abuse is like collapsing to the ground. Seeking recovery occurs when a person recognizes that they have fallen and decides to get up, dust themselves off, and finish the race. The rest of that marathon is recovery, and those first few steps: regaining one’s balance, learning to … Read More

10 Shocking Statistics About Addiction in Orlando

  As we live and observe the hardships of life, we often believe it could never happen to us. This is especially true with addiction and its dangerous consequences. Growing up, I believed drugs or alcohol would never affect me because I came from a middle-class, happy family, and a good school, but I was wrong. The same is true … Read More

Character Flaw, Disease, or Habit: The Addiction Debate

There is no known cause of addiction. Though researchers have tried for centuries to pinpoint a reason why some people can recreationally use drugs and alcohol and never have a problem, and others will develop a life-altering addiction, they have only been successful in identifying potential links and risk factors that may contribute to the development of an addiction disorder. … Read More

Why Do Addicts Lie?

Addicts lie. It’s practically part of the disorder. They lie to themselves: “I don’t have a problem with heroin. It’s under control.” They lie to other people: “I’m not high.” Some addicts may even really believe what they’re saying when they say it – or at least feel that since there is no black-and-white proof to the contrary that they … Read More

The Addiction Stigma 

Over the past decade, more and more research has demonstrated that addiction is a medical disorder. Demonstrable changes in the brain and the ability to control compulsive behaviors has been shown time and again when different drugs are abused regularly. In some cases, even occasional use of addictive drugs has been shown to cause significant brain changes. Yet, despite these … Read More

Painkiller Addiction and Heroin Addiction: The Connection

When heroin first became a popular drug of choice among Americans in the 1960s, the average user was a low-income, 16-year-old, white male. Not anymore. Today’s heroin users are quite different, according to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). The JAMA study reports that the average heroin user today is affluent, lives in a non-urban … Read More