World Health Organization Report IDs Alcohol as a Killer

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While alcohol use holds a place in many cultures, there is also another side to the substance when misuse leads to an alcohol use disorder. The World Health Organization (WHO) recently released a detailed report on alcohol misuse and its potentially deadly health consequences. How Much Are We Drinking? The United Nation’s health agency recently released its third in a … Read More

Alcohol Withdrawal and the Kindling Effect: What AUD Sufferers Should Know

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Many with an alcohol use disorder end up in rehab multiple times. While repeated attempts at getting sober are encouraged if needed, it is possible that this process can get even more difficult over time. This is because there is something called the kindling effect, which relates to the body's changes and reactions to past alcohol withdrawal experiences.  What is … Read More

New Alcohol Sensor Might Help Florida Residents Fight AUD

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Alcohol use disorder (AUD) is a serious issue that can lead to severe consequences and even death. SAMHSA reports that over 136.7 million Americans drink alcohol. Of those, 65.3 million report binge drinking in the past month and 16.3 million report using alcohol heavily. An alcohol use disorder can lead to some severe health risk factors and other negative outcomes, … Read More

ER Visits on the Rise for Women Drinkers

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Most people who drink do so in moderation and follow certain rules that ensure the safety of themselves and others. There are some, however, who overdo it. Enough of this behavior can lead to an alcohol use disorder. One recent study reveals that there has been an increase in the number of alcohol-related emergency room visits, particularly among women. Fortunately, … Read More

Are New Treatments Coming for Floridians with Alcohol Use Disorders?

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People with alcohol use disorder make up nearly one-quarter of those in publicly funded treatment. Still, only a fraction of the people who need the alcohol rehab Florida has to offer tend to reach out. That is according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. With new research into the causes of alcoholism, more treatment options may soon open up. … Read More

Is Alcohol Florida’s Gateway Drug?

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If you have spent years believing that alcohol could not possibly be a gateway drug, you are in good company. You might also be wrong, at least according to new research. Scientists at Columbia University Department of Psychiatry, New York State Psychiatric Institute, and numerous other institutions published their findings in early November with Science Advances. They suggest that alcohol … Read More

Tiger Woods Not the Only DUI Driver in Florida, by a Long Shot

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May of 2017 was not the best month for golf legend, Tiger Woods. Unfortunately, he was only one of numerous Floridians cited by police for driving under the influence. Reports note that Woods was under the influence of prescription drugs Vicodin and Xanax when he was found by law enforcement officers, and that no alcohol was found in his system. … Read More

5 Tips For Telling People You Are An Alcoholic

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For many, one of the scariest parts of addiction and alcoholism is the fear of what others will think and how they will react upon hearing the news that you are an alcoholic. For this reason, some people may keep their struggle quiet. But this isn’t always the best option, as recovery is something that is not easy alone. Most … Read More

How Alcoholism Affects Relationships

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Alcohol abuse is one of the leading addictions many people face. Not only can alcoholism wreak havoc on someone’s personal life, but it also greatly affects every single relationship they are a part of. Perhaps, the biggest and most detrimental impacts come at the level of intimacy, partnership, and marriage. Anyone who is engaging in heavy drinking on a regular … Read More

Why Do Alcoholics Drink?

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When someone has a drinking problem, not only do they find themselves questioning why they can’t be normal, but also it is extremely common for their family and friends to not quite understand why they can’t control their alcohol usage. Mostly everyone affected by alcoholism is, at some point in time, left wondering what causes alcoholics to drink as heavily … Read More