7 Ways To Help An Alcoholic

how you can be supportive in helping someone who struggles with alcoholism

Watching someone you love struggle with a drinking problem, or alcoholism can be extremely painful and frustrating. You may often feel helpless or that your attempts to help them go unseen or unappreciated. You may also be wondering what you can do to help or if the person even wants your help. How You Can Help The truth is you … Read More

Am I An Alcoholic? 20 Questions You Should Ask Yourself

am i an alcoholic

Drinking is something almost everyone comes across in their lifetime, some more so than others. Most people that drink on a regular basis will face a question at some point that might be one of the most important questions of their lives: Am I an alcoholic? Determining if you have a drinking problem can be a difficult and humbling endeavor. With … Read More

How Long Does Alcohol Stay In Urine?

How long the detection window lasts, though, is dependent on different factors, such as your age, weight, gender, health — both mental and physical — the amount and type of alcohol consumed, and whether or not you drink on a full or empty stomach. But, generally, you can expect alcohol to be detectable in your urine anywhere from 12 hours … Read More

What Is Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?

Many people believe alcohol isn’t a threat because it’s legal and the majority of people indulge in it once in awhile. But in reality, alcohol is a dangerous drug that can depress the mind and increase your chances of alcoholism. There is a myth out there that alcohol is harmless, even while pregnant. This is just not the case. There … Read More

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms – What You Need To Know

Withdrawing from alcohol can be a rather scary experience. Most people who go through withdrawals from alcohol have unpleasant physical, mental, and emotional effects that can be extremely difficult to manage. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can vary among people and are known to cause several different kinds of physical signs. Here’s what you need to know: What Causes Alcohol Withdrawal? Alcohol … Read More

12 Long-Term Health Issues Associated With Alcohol Abuse

While extensive drinking tears apart relationships and lives, it also wreaks havoc on the human body. Consuming alcohol in excess over long periods of time can lead to many heath issues, some slightly serious and others fatal. Below is a list of the possible health outcomes associated with alcohol abuse.  Cancer. Consuming excessive amounts of alcohol can lead to several types of … Read More

Dealing with an Alcoholic in the Family

Holidays are a festive time of family and celebration, but also can be a time of concern for a family member who struggles with alcoholism. Dealing with an alcoholic is painful and you may feel there is no solution to the problem. You are not alone and effective resources are available.   What are the warning signs of alcoholism as … Read More

Alcohol Abuse vs. Alcoholism: What Are The Differences?

Misusing alcohol is a serious problem, and often times, it’s hard to know when your casual drinking has turned into something more severe. When it comes to alcohol addiction, there are two terms you’ll hear: alcohol abuse and alcoholism. Although the two are often used interchangeably, the reality is that alcohol abuse and alcoholism each have their own unique set … Read More

4 Reasons To Get Sober Around The Holidays

  It’s that time of year! The Christmas lights are out, people are ringing bells and collecting toys, and Elf is being replayed on TV constantly. The holiday season is officially upon us and with it comes a season of change. What do I mean by that? I’m talking about making changes in your life, of the sober variety. Before … Read More