Love and the Bottle: Can Your Relationship Survive Alcoholism?

Maybe you and your partner drank together at one time – and maybe you drink a little more than you should sometimes on your own. Or maybe you’ve gotten clean and sober, but your partner is still drinking heavily. However your relationship began or how your partner’s drinking may have started , today it’s clear: your partner is an alcoholic … Read More

Men and Alcohol: 3 Health Hazards Caused by Binge Drinking

A couple of drinks before dinner, a glass of wine with the main course, a cocktail or two with dessert or some shots at the bar. A six-pack during the game or at a cookout. A few hours at the bar drinking with coworkers. A Friday or Saturday night at a party or a club complete with a few shots, … Read More

Alcohol Detox: What to Expect

The first step in overcoming alcoholism is alcohol detox – intensive medical care designed to treat withdrawal symptoms and help the person to stabilize mentally and physically. For each person, detox will be different according to his or her needs, but in most cases, a combination of medications and psychotherapeutic intervention is warranted. What can your loved one expect in … Read More