Is It Legal to Buy Bath Salts in Florida?

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Synthetic drugs are gaining in popularity in Florida. Just because you can find something at a local convenience store, that does not make it safe. One of the most commonly-used types of synthetic substances is bath salts, which are composed of a variety of chemicals, none of which are used for bathing. In Florida, these are now considered controlled substances, … Read More

Is There a Difference Between Morphine Dependence and Addiction?

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Morphine is a prescription pain medication that is often prescribed to treat acute pain in a hospital setting. It changes how the brain perceives pain by binding to its pain receptors. It can also have other effects such as euphoria and mood changes. While morphine is highly addictive, there is a difference between morphine dependence and addiction. How Addictive Is … Read More

How Alcohol Blackouts Affect Your Health

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Drinking so much that you cannot remember events from the night before might seem funny in movies or on television, but, in reality, the experience can be frightening. Alcohol blackout experiences can result in you being in a dangerous situation or you might even find out that you have done something you might regret for the rest of your life. … Read More

The Rising Tide of Benzo Abuse: Have You Been Affected?

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In the world of prescription drug misuse and addiction, opioids might get significant media attention. But there is another type of drug that poses a significant risk: benzodiazepines. Also called benzos, these controlled substances include Valium, Ativan, Klonopin and Xanax. This line of drugs is prescribed by medical professionals for anxiety, insomnia, seizures and alcohol withdrawal. While short-term use of … Read More

The Double Trouble of Domestic Violence and Addiction in Florida

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When someone in a family or intimate relationship holds power over another, this can create a pattern of abusive behavior. This type of domestic abuse is common in Florida, and it often has associations with alcohol and drug misuse. Fortunately, there are Florida addiction treatment resources that can help break this cycle of abuse and chart a pathway to recovery. … Read More

How to Choose an Interventionist

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It can be heartbreaking and nerve-wracking when someone you care about has a substance use disorder. You might have a family member or another loved one who is unable to stop drinking or using drugs. They may also be resisting your pleadings to get the help they need and deserve. You have decided that it is time to stage an … Read More

Knowing The Language: Substance Use Disorders

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Many terms are commonly thrown around when talking about substance use disorders—addiction, dependence, abuse, tolerance, withdrawal, etc. Many of these terms are used either incorrectly, or with limited understanding, and can be troublesome when trying to overcome and understand substance use related problems. As medical knowledge changes, so does the terminology, and in 2013, the American Psychological Association updated the … Read More

What To Say And What Not To Say At An Intervention

What to say at an intervention

Words are important. The age-old adage, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” isn’t true anymore in today’s world. Language has become more and more important. It’s a sign of respect, of restraint, and a way to effectively communicate. That’s why words are incredibly important at an intervention. What you say in an intervention … Read More