Orlando Recovery Center Joins the Aetna Insurance Network

An insurance representative discusses rehab treatment with an elderly couple

Orlando Recovery Center is now an in-network provider with Aetna, expanding coverage and access to drug and alcohol treatment programs for people in need of rehab and recovery. By partnering with insurance providers like Aetna, we can widen the network of care to reach more clients who want comprehensive, evidence-based treatment for addiction. Becoming an in-network provider for Aetna members … Read More

Inside the Lawsuit: Opioids Burden on Florida Hospitals

Prescription opiod pills spilling out of a bottle onto $20 bills

Since the turn of the century, the opioid overdose death rate in Florida has tripled, and in 2016, there were 4,672 deaths attributed to drug overdoses according to data from the Florida Department of Health’s Bureau of Vital Statistics. In 2017, Governor Scott and the state surgeon general announced a statewide public health emergency related to the opioid epidemic. Now, … Read More

The Recovery Village and Orlando Recovery Center Have Been Recognized as a Blue Distinction Center

Orlando Recovery Center facility entrance

To help patients suffering from substance use disorders find facilities that deliver quality treatment and care, Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association recognizes facilities that meet strict standards for excellent patient care as a Blue Distinction® Center for Substance Use Treatment and Recovery (BDC Substance Use Treatment and Recovery). The Recovery Village in Umatilla, Florida and Orlando Recovery Center in … Read More

Alcohol and Drugs Responsible for Many Scooter Accidents

Man in consultation with doctor

Electric scooters have been a point of some controversy and contention around the country. People who like electric scooters and scooter-sharing services feel that they provide an economical and eco-friendly way to get around town ⁠— especially in big cities where traffic and parking are big issues. However, others feel that scooters pose a safety risk and are a nuisance. … Read More

Caretaker Sleeps Off Kratom Overdose, Florida Man Dies

Kratom in its different forms including power, pills, and casules.

Last spring in Seminole, Florida, a man with Down syndrome died because his caretaker experienced a Kratom overdose and fell asleep. John LaPointe, the victim, was unable to care for himself and reportedly had the cognitive abilities of an infant. John was in a van with his caretaker, Joshua Russell, and could not escape when the vehicle heated up to … Read More

Florida Physicians Required to Offer Non-Opioid Pain Treatment

Prescription opioids laying out on a table.

In an effort to battle Florida’s opioid epidemic, state policymakers have passed a new law that pushes doctors to provide patients with options for alternative pain management. In cases where opioids may be used, doctors must inform patients of other forms of treatment. These alternatives include treatments like acupuncture, chiropractic care and massage therapy. Though HB 451 passed without much … Read More

Cocaine Found On Central Florida Beaches Following Hurricane Dorian

florida beach

In early September, Hurricane Dorian churned through the Atlantic along the East Coast of the United States, bringing some unexpected results along with it. In Cocoa Beach, Florida, beachgoers at Paradise Beach Park in Melbourne found a total of 15 kilos of cocaine that had washed up on the shore. Officials warned that the $300,000 worth of cocaine on the … Read More

Florida Declares Etizolam a Controlled Substance

Man addicted to Etizolam pills holds one on his finger in Florida

Recently, a new party drug has entered the US market. It’s called etizolam and is the latest party drug that can disastrously result in death. Florida is one of eight states to list etizolam as a controlled substance in an effort to control its use and prevent harm, particularly among young people. You are not alone if you are wondering: … Read More

Could Behavioral Therapy Treat Internet Addiction?

Young boy struggling with internet addiction sitting in front of a computer

The internet is an increasingly integral part of our lives in the digital age, particularly with our growing connection to our ubiquitous smartphones and mobile devices. 2017 data from the Center for the Digital Future at University of Southern California Annenberg found that since 2000, the amount of time the average American spends online has gone up from 9.4 hours … Read More

CBD Oil Might Help Heroin Addiction Cravings

CBD oil next to a marijuana plant, grown to help reduce cravings in heroin addicts

CBD is a trendy cannabis product that shows up in everything from beauty products to gummy bears. CBD oil is said to treat a range of ailments including anxiety, epilepsy, inflammation and pain, among others. A new study shows that CBD oil may help with heroin cravings. The study showed that “CBD administration significantly reduced both cravings and anxiety,” especially … Read More