How Does Court-Ordered Treatment Work?

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Addiction often leads to some unpleasant consequences. If you have been misusing drugs or alcohol, you run a higher risk of health issues, relationship problems, and getting into trouble with the law. If you get a DUI or are arrested for some other violation, you may be lucky enough to get court-ordered treatment. While this might not sound like a … Read More

Pew Study Reveals Nationwide Concern over Substance Misuse

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Drug addiction takes its toll on Americans. While not everyone that uses drugs becomes addicted, the continued misuse of drugs and alcohol can lead to severe consequences, including overdose and death. A recent Pew Research study reveals that Americans are becoming increasingly concerned about the impact of substance misuse in their communities. Drug Addiction Numbers in the U.S. The statistics … Read More

K2/Spice Making Huge Impact on Florida Prison Population

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This nation’s drug epidemic is not limited to opioids. There have been soaring numbers of overdoses and drug-related deaths linked to synthetic cannabinoid drugs called K2 and Spice. This “fake weed” is much more dangerous than it sounds, and it is even having an extreme impact on Florida’s prison population. What is K2/Spice? K2/Spice is supposed to be a synthetic … Read More

Marijuana Use May Increase Chances of Prostate or Testicular Cancer, Studies Reveal

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Even though marijuana remains illegal under Federal law in the U.S., nearly two-thirds of U.S. states now have some form of legalized marijuana. While these laws are likely to make cannabis use more accessible, there are still health and safety concerns related to heavy and long-term use. One study reveals that marijuana use among men could increase the chance of … Read More

Central Florida Sees Spike in Organ Donations Amid Opioid Epidemic

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This nation remains in the grip of an opioid epidemic, and it is difficult to consider that there might be an upside to the pain and suffering of so many losses. The surge in opioid overdose deaths has resulted in an increase in the number of organ donations. This is the case in many parts of the nation and particularly … Read More

Study Shows Vaping Teens Are More Likely to Use Marijuana Later

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Parents are becoming equal parts exasperated and concerned by the new trend of teen vaping. While some view it as somewhat less harmful than cigarette smoking, it is still new enough that the long-term health risks remain unclear. A new study, however, reveals that vaping among teens could be a gateway to later marijuana use. The Prevalence of Vaping Among … Read More

FDA Issues Strong Warning about Poisoned K2 and Spice

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As if drug misuse was not dangerous enough, there are some drugs sold at your local convenience store that now pose a public health risk. Synthetic marijuana, also known by the names Spice and K2, are copycat forms of cannabis that attempt to skirt federal regulations. A new FDA statement warns that some of these products could be laced with … Read More

How Does Rehab Affect People Emotionally?

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There is a conception about recovery that it is merely the act of getting rid of dangerous substances, but the process involves so much more. Some people use alcohol or drugs as a means of masking unpleasant feelings. Whether users are aware of this or not, substance misuse deadens normal emotional responses. These emotional responses can re-awaken in addiction recovery. … Read More

Alcohol Withdrawal and the Kindling Effect: What AUD Sufferers Should Know

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Many with an alcohol use disorder end up in rehab multiple times. While repeated attempts at getting sober are encouraged if needed, it is possible that this process can get even more difficult over time. This is because there is something called the kindling effect, which relates to the body's changes and reactions to past alcohol withdrawal experiences.  What is … Read More