Substance Abuse Treatment Options for Florida Legal Professionals

Florida drug rehab

One in five lawyers battles alcohol addiction. The number of drug-addicted lawyers is double that of the American population. While addiction treatment is sensitive for everyone and no person deserves finer care than another, professionals such as lawyers face unique problems.

Through Florida drug rehab for professionals, you can help protect your reputation, your license to practice law, and ultimately the clients that you serve while learning how to live in recovery for life.

Lawyers Have a Higher Risk of Alcohol and Drug Addiction

It might seem ironic that some of the people who defend alcohol or drug addicted clients suffer from the same, but it is true. In fact, the Legal Profession Assistance Conference explains that the rate of alcoholism in the law profession is as high as 24 percent.

Intervention Strategies says the number of drug-addicted lawyers is even more surprising. As much as twenty percent of lawyers abuse drugs. For the general population, the number is closer to 10 percent. Further, 25 percent of lawyers who run afoul of the Florida State Bar Department of Lawyer Regulation are likely to have a substance abuse disorder.

Practicing Law Creates an Environment of Suppression and Unwillingness to Seek Help

Addiction does not happen overnight. Numerous circumstances converge to create an alcohol or drug problem. For many legal professionals, the cycle can be traced back to law school or even further. Lawyers learn early to suppress emotions, develop a tough shell, and never show weakness or any need for support. As a result, The Legal Profession Assistance Conference says that lawyers often feel isolated and therefore less likely to reach out.

Although drug and alcohol addiction can cause families and other personal relationships to crumble, many lawyers excel at keeping the professional side of their lives together. High-functioning addicts may have a pristine veneer, but it requires substantial effort to keep up appearances. Often, families are sacrificed in the process.

Florida drug rehab

Florida drug rehab for professionals takes a holistic approach to enhance health and well-being.

Professional Florida Drug Rehab Helps You Find Sobriety While Protecting Your Career

Entering rehab could be the most frightening thing any lawyer could imagine. It could also save your career, your family, and your life. The stigma of admitting an addiction and risk of losing a hard-won professional reputation might overpower the desire to get and stay sober. However, losing a license to practice law could end a career, or at least create professional hardships while you are working to earn it back.

Unfortunately, the Legal Profession Assistance Conference says lawyers are “more at risk of losing control than the general population.” Without treatment, the course of progression can wind through social and emotional dysfunction, professional errors, disciplinary actions, and even death.

For Florida lawyers who suffer from alcohol or drug addiction, a rehab program designed for professionals can protect everything that you hold dear. The Professionals Program at Orlando Recovery Center was designed for people like you.

Our program, which is founded on 12-step recovery, uses therapeutic approaches, such as neuro-cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational enhancement therapy, individual and family therapy, disease education, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), spiritual therapy, nutrition, and much more.

If you or someone you care about in the legal profession is suffering from an addiction to alcohol or drugs, there is a professional treatment program that works.
Contact us to learn more about treatment options with the Professionals Program at Orlando Recovery Center.