Rehab Instead of Jail: Police Plan to Strike a Blow For Addiction Recovery

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Millions of people in the United States are arrested on alcohol and drug-related crimes each year. More thanĀ 24.5 million Americans have a substance use disorder, and some of the risky behavior associated with substance misuse can lead to criminal charges. Unfortunately, spending time in jail does not cure addiction. Even though about half of all prison inmates meet the criteria … Read More

6 Aftercare Options for Long-Term Recovery Support

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While the rehab experience can be transformative for someone with a substance use disorder, recovery must continue after discharge or the risk is high for a return to use. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) reports that 40 to 60 percent of people with a substance use disorder experience a recurrence of use after treatment. These figures are similar … Read More

How to Answer “Why Aren’t You Drinking?”

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Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are all close at hand. Since these holidays usually involve parties where drinking is a factor, you may find yourself in awkward situations where you formerly used alcohol as a social lubricant. To lessen the potential threat to your sobriety, it helps to be prepared. Here are some tips for those new to addiction recovery to … Read More

Study Shows Vaping Teens Are More Likely to Use Marijuana Later

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Parents are becoming equal parts exasperated and concerned by the new trend of teen vaping. While some view it as somewhat less harmful than cigarette smoking, it is still new enough that the long-term health risks remain unclear. A new study, however, reveals that vaping among teens could be a gateway to later marijuana use. The Prevalence of Vaping Among … Read More

How Does Rehab Affect People Emotionally?

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There is a conception about recovery that it is merely the act of getting rid of dangerous substances, but the process involves so much more. Some people use alcohol or drugs as a means of masking unpleasant feelings. Whether users are aware of this or not, substance misuse deadens normal emotional responses. These emotional responses can re-awaken in addiction recovery. … Read More

Exploring Homelessness and Addiction in Florida

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Thousands of people continue to live in the Sunshine State without a home. Homelessness is a pervasive issue in Florida, and it is now also one that is closely tied to our nation’s growing addiction epidemic. One of the dilemmas is that being homeless can be both a cause and an effect of substance abuse. Fortunately, there are addiction recovery … Read More

How to Handle the Stigma of Addiction

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There is an undeniable stigma that surrounds addiction. For those who do not know anything about the disease, it is often viewed as a moral failing instead of an illness. For someone with a substance use disorder, this can be difficult to deal with on several levels. You might feel shame associated with your addiction because of this stigma and … Read More

FDA Approves Non-Opioid Drug to Treat Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms

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One of the most significant barriers to recovery for an opioid addict is the fear of withdrawal. Opioids are such powerful drugs that going without them for just a short period can cause significant discomfort for someone with an opioid use disorder. Fortunately, there are medications that can help and the FDA just approved a new one – the first … Read More

9 Things You Should Know about Cocaine Addiction in Florida

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Cocaine has made headlines for decades. Superstars and celebrities die from cocaine addiction. So do seemingly average people who think they can use it once in a while, and people on the fringe of society who are addicted to multiple drugs. The appeal of cocaine is energy and euphoria. If you ask 10 users, you will probably hear the same … Read More