New Alcohol Sensor Might Help Florida Residents Fight AUD

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Alcohol use disorder (AUD) is a serious issue that can lead to severe consequences and even death. SAMHSA reports that over 136.7 million Americans drink alcohol. Of those, 65.3 million report binge drinking in the past month and 16.3 million report using alcohol heavily. An alcohol use disorder can lead to some severe health risk factors and other negative outcomes, … Read More

Are New Treatments Coming for Floridians with Alcohol Use Disorders?

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People with alcohol use disorder make up nearly one-quarter of those in publicly funded treatment. Still, only a fraction of the people who need the alcohol rehab Florida has to offer tend to reach out. That is according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. With new research into the causes of alcoholism, more treatment options may soon open up. … Read More

Tiger Woods Not the Only DUI Driver in Florida, by a Long Shot

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May of 2017 was not the best month for golf legend, Tiger Woods. Unfortunately, he was only one of numerous Floridians cited by police for driving under the influence. Reports note that Woods was under the influence of prescription drugs Vicodin and Xanax when he was found by law enforcement officers, and that no alcohol was found in his system. … Read More

How Long Does Alcohol Stay In Urine?

How long the detection window lasts, though, is dependent on different factors, such as your age, weight, gender, health — both mental and physical — the amount and type of alcohol consumed, and whether or not you drink on a full or empty stomach. But, generally, you can expect alcohol to be detectable in your urine anywhere from 12 hours … Read More

Is Alcohol A Drug?

  This is a question raised, as well as misunderstood, by many people. If you ask most people to name a list of drugs that come to the top of their mind, usually alcohol is left entirely off the list. While alcohol may not be as widely known as other harder, street drugs, it is technically defined as a depressant … Read More

What Is Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?

Many people believe alcohol isn’t a threat because it’s legal and the majority of people indulge in it once in awhile. But in reality, alcohol is a dangerous drug that can depress the mind and increase your chances of alcoholism. There is a myth out there that alcohol is harmless, even while pregnant. This is just not the case. There … Read More

Does Addiction Run In Families? What Statistics Reveal

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  Why do some people become addicted to drugs and alcohol while others don’t? Is it all due to our environment, or do genetics play a role in addiction? Whether a person decides to use alcohol or drugs for the first time is a personal choice, often influenced by sociocultural, psychological or biological factors. But whether a person is at … Read More

12 Long-Term Health Issues Associated With Alcohol Abuse

While extensive drinking tears apart relationships and lives, it also wreaks havoc on the human body. Consuming alcohol in excess over long periods of time can lead to many heath issues, some slightly serious and others fatal. Below is a list of the possible health outcomes associated with alcohol abuse.  Cancer. Consuming excessive amounts of alcohol can lead to several types of … Read More

7 Mistakes To Avoid In Your First Year Of Sobriety

My first year of recovery was one in which I felt every emotion under the sun – fear, anger, confusion, happiness, pride, frustration. You name it, I felt it. In this first year I never knew what each day would bring, but day by day I eventually made it to one year of sobriety. Through that year, I learned quickly … Read More

Inpatient Vs. Outpatient Addiction Treatment, What’s The Difference?

If you’re looking for an addiction treatment program, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out the right program for your exact needs. When it comes to addiction treatment programs, there are two main types of programs you’ll find in your search: inpatient and outpatient. Both types of treatment can provide you or a loved one with the support needed … Read More