4 Ways to Stay Sober and Enjoy the Holidays in Florida

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Florida drug and alcohol rehab centers know how challenging the holidays can be for a recovering addict. It never hurts to have a plan. It could prevent your hard work from coming undone. According to a Healthline survey, 18.42 percent of respondents said the holidays are “very stressful.” Another 43.95 percent said they are “somewhat stressful.” Stress is linked to … Read More

Is Alcohol Florida’s Gateway Drug?

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If you have spent years believing that alcohol could not possibly be a gateway drug, you are in good company. You might also be wrong, at least according to new research. Scientists at Columbia University Department of Psychiatry, New York State Psychiatric Institute, and numerous other institutions published their findings in early November with Science Advances. They suggest that alcohol … Read More

4 Things Florida Residents Should Know about Adderall Addiction

The chemical structure of Adderall printed on the page of a book.

Almost everyone has heard of Adderall or its cousin, Ritalin. The band, Chevelle, even wrote a song about it. Usually prescribed for Attention Deficit Disorder and sometimes for narcolepsy, it is one of the most commonly prescribed medications in America. It is also one of the most abused drugs among young people. If you think it is harmless, think again. … Read More

How to Find Reputable Florida Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers

Florida drug and alcohol rehab

The state of Florida has been in the news lately due to high rates of substance abuse disorders. Though there has been negative press coverage, some Florida drug and alcohol rehab facilities offer real hope to people with addictions. In recent years, Florida has received attention for epidemic levels of opioid addiction, leading to the state declaring a public health … Read More

Hope and Help for Florida Pharmacists Battling Addiction

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Believe it or not, there is not much scientific literature concerning substance addiction among pharmacists, people who handle powerful drugs as part of their day-to-day work. Yet, anywhere from 11 percent to 15 percent of pharmacists develop dependencies on either drugs or alcohol at some point in their careers. These figures are comparable to numbers for the general American population, … Read More

Is Alcohol A Drug?

  This is a question raised, as well as misunderstood, by many people. If you ask most people to name a list of drugs that come to the top of their mind, usually alcohol is left entirely off the list. While alcohol may not be as widely known as other harder, street drugs, it is technically defined as a depressant … Read More

Cocaine Myths and Facts

Cocaine is very popular street drug made from coca plants originating in South America and it affects the lives of millions of Americans on a regular basis as a dominant drug of choice. It is easily one of the most commonly abused drugs in the country and carries with it a set of myths, which often are the leading cause … Read More

People, Places & Things – Do They Really Matter In Recovery?

While it might seem daunting at first, recovery is such an incredible process and journey. They always say you don’t recover from addiction by only discontinuing using. Success in recovery requires a holistic approach by creating a completely new life. Addiction affects all areas of your life so it’s only natural that in order to break the cycle, changes in … Read More

12 Long-Term Health Issues Associated With Alcohol Abuse

While extensive drinking tears apart relationships and lives, it also wreaks havoc on the human body. Consuming alcohol in excess over long periods of time can lead to many heath issues, some slightly serious and others fatal. Below is a list of the possible health outcomes associated with alcohol abuse.  Cancer. Consuming excessive amounts of alcohol can lead to several types of … Read More

7 Reasons You Should Seek Addiction Treatment

Often, an individual in active addiction is the last to realize or admit to having a problem. Family members or friends may notice and try to interfere, telling the individual to get help. But sometimes that’s not enough. It often takes the individual hitting rock bottom and coming to that conclusion on their own terms.  If you identify with items … Read More