Drug and Substance Use Disorders: A Look at the South

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently released the 2018 Annual Surveillance Report of Drug-Related Risks and Outcomes. The report outlines the effects of illicit and prescription drugs and how they are impacting the United States. It breaks up some of its data into regions and individual states, so there is information regarding how this nation’s drug crisis … Read More

Marijuana Use May Increase Chances of Prostate or Testicular Cancer, Studies Reveal

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Even though marijuana remains illegal under Federal law in the U.S., nearly two-thirds of U.S. states now have some form of legalized marijuana. While these laws are likely to make cannabis use more accessible, there are still health and safety concerns related to heavy and long-term use. One study reveals that marijuana use among men could increase the chance of … Read More

5 Things To Know About Co-Occurring Disorders

    For many individuals, alcohol and drug abuse are often accompanied by other mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety. In fact, about 50 percent of individuals with a severe mental health disorder also suffer from a substance abuse problem. While these may seem like separate issues, there is actually a term for disorders that go hand-in-hand like … Read More