Recovering from alcoholism or drug addiction can be a challenge, but an addict who also struggles with depression may face even more obstacles in treatment. Depression is a common co-occurring disorder, which means that a person has both a substance abuse issue and mental health concern at the same time.

In fact, roughly half of all people with substance abuse disorders also have some type of mood disorder such as depression. The good news is that there are ways to help address this in a Florida drug rehab.

There is a strong link between substance abuse and mental health issues, but it is important to note that one does not directly cause the other. In other words, drugs and alcohol will not trigger a mental health disorder, and a mental health disorder will not directly cause addiction. However, the correlation is strongest between the two when people use drugs and alcohol to self-medicate their untreated or undiagnosed mental health issues.

If you are suffering from depression but either do not know it or do not have access to treatment, you may look for a means to deal with mood changes and difficult emotions. It may seem that the simplest solution on hand is to use alcohol or drugs for relief. There is also evidence showing that if you are at risk for an underlying mental health disorder, possibly due to genetics, using drugs and alcohol could push you over the edge and trigger new symptoms.

What are Some of the Signs of Depression?

The symptoms and signs of drug addiction and depression can be startlingly similar. Sometimes it can be difficult to determine where one disorder ends and the other begins, which is a particular challenge for both the sufferer and those who wish to help. These symptoms include:

  • Changes in sleeping and eating habits
  • Feelings of hopelessness, emptiness, or helplessness
  • Anger, irritability, or hostility
  • Lack of interest in previously enjoyable activities
  • Sloppy appearance
  • Lack of motivation or enthusiasm
  • Dramatic change in weight
  • Spending a lot of time alone
  • Difficulty with memory or concentration
  • Recurring thoughts of suicide or self-harm

How a Florida Drug Rehab Can Help You Deal with Depression and Addiction

Diagnosing a mental health disorder such as depression becomes difficult when addiction is also present. It takes some time to separate what may be attributed to drug and alcohol use versus a mental health disorder. Even denial can be more pronounced in some people who also suffer from issues such as depression and anxiety. The good news is that there is specialized addiction treatment available for these issues at a Florida drug rehab.

When you enroll in treatment at The Orlando Recovery Center, you will receive access to treatment for co-occurring disorders. This addition to a comprehensive drug treatment program effectively addresses both disorders simultaneously for the best chance of recovery and prevention of relapse. Treatment for depression and substance abuse often includes the use of both therapy and medication to treat issues related to both disorders.

If you are suffering from depression and are addicted to drugs or alcohol, you do not have to suffer alone. Contact The Orlando Recovery Center now to learn more about how our range of drug rehab programs can help you find relief.

Medical Disclaimer

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