Adderall Addiction Treatment & Rehab in Orlando

Adderall is a potent drug that is composed of two stimulants: dextroamphetamine and amphetamine. Adderall is used to treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in adults and children. Less frequently it may be used to treat narcolepsy. Adderall speeds up the processes of the central nervous system. When someone has ADHD and they take Adderall as prescribed, it can help them calm down and focus.

If someone doesn’t have ADHD and they take Adderall, or they take the drug other than how it’s prescribed, they may feel a high using it. When Adderall is used without a prescription, it releases certain neurotransmitters into the central nervous system including dopamine, which is described as a feel-good neurotransmitter. However, this flood of dopamine can trigger the brain’s reward response, leading to an Adderall addiction. If someone beings to notice they have a problem with Adderall abuse, it may no longer be in their control. Addiction refers to a situation where the use of Adderall is compulsive. A person’s brain functionality has changed to the point where they are using Adderall in an out-of-control way.

If someone has an Adderall addiction, they will likely need professional treatment. Stimulant treatment programs can vary in many ways, but the objective is to help a person stop using the drug and remain abstinent from it. Adderall addiction treatment centers may be inpatient or outpatient. The right option in terms of rehab for Adderall abusers can depend on different factors. These factors may include how severe someone’s addiction is, and whether they have previously received Adderall addiction treatment.

Inpatient and Outpatient Adderall Addiction Treatment

When someone requires Adderall addiction rehab, there are two primary options available to them. The first is inpatient rehab and the second is outpatient Adderall rehab. If a person struggles with Adderall addiction, they may begin with medical detox care and inpatient treatment, and then once they complete that program, they may continue with outpatient Adderall rehab. Outpatient rehab may also be a starting point for someone who struggles with Adderall addiction but does not need intensive care.

During inpatient Adderall addiction treatment, patients check in to a rehab facility, like Orlando Recovery Center, and live there during the duration of their treatment. Inpatient rehab is one of the most rigorous and structured Adderall addiction treatment options. The amount of time that someone participates in an inpatient program will depend on their unique physical and mental needs, along with their progress in recovery.

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An inpatient program may start with a medically supervised detox. During this time, a patient is constantly monitored by medical professionals as the Adderall leaves their system. If someone participates in an inpatient Adderall addiction rehab program, they do have to take time off from school or work to heal. They also must be able to leave home during that time.

Another option is an outpatient Adderall rehab. Outpatient care is ideal for people who do not need medical stabilization or intensive therapy. During outpatient Adderall rehab, participants can continue living their daily lives mostly like normal. They attend scheduled treatment and therapy sessions during the week. These sessions are often scheduled so that they’re convenient for people who do have commitments during the day. Someone might opt for outpatient rehab not only if they can’t take time away from school or work but also if they have a less severe or shorter-term Adderall addiction.

Adderall Addiction Treatment Centers in Orlando

There are Adderall addiction treatment centers in Orlando and throughout the country, but how does someone choose the right program for their needs? There are several important considerations when comparing Adderall addiction treatment centers.

  • If someone is seeking treatment for Adderall addiction, they need to feel comfortable in the facility they choose. This is important to help them stay in treatment and complete their program. If someone feels uncomfortable for any reason, they’re more likely to drop out of the program too soon.
  • There are logistics to consider when choosing an Adderall addiction treatment center in Orlando or elsewhere. For example, does the center have the proper state licensing? What are the ratings like from other people who have participated in treatment programs there?
  • What approach does the center take to treating Adderall addiction? There are many different types of programs, some of which have specific approaches to treating addiction.
  • What is the aftercare planning and follow-up support like? Addiction is a chronic disorder. Even after someone completes a treatment program, their recovery efforts will be ongoing, and a treatment center’s aftercare planning process can help with that.
  • Is the treatment center local, or would it require traveling out of state? If it’s possible, leaving one’s hometown, and even state, can be beneficial for inpatient rehab. Traveling lets the participant leave their environment of Adderall abuse and gain a fresh perspective as they go through treatment.

How Much Does Adderall Rehab Cost?

One of the biggest hurdles to people pursuing Adderall addiction treatment options is often the cost. Rehab, particularly inpatient treatment, can be expensive but there are payment options available. Rehab also tends to be well worth the cost. The cost of inpatient Adderall addiction rehab can range from several thousand to hundreds of thousands of dollars, but many insurance policies aid in the cost. For long-term rehab stays, or treatment at luxury rehab facilities, the costs may be more.

Outpatient treatment is significantly less expensive than inpatient. Outpatient care can cost several thousand dollars or more. If a person participates in medical detox before inpatient or outpatient Adderall addiction treatment, the costs will be higher.

Does Insurance Cover Rehab for Adderall Addiction?

Many types of health insurance will cover some or the whole cost of Adderall addiction treatment. Most private inpatient rehab programs for Adderall and other addictions will accept insurance plans. When you’re comparing addiction treatment facilities, specific rehab centers may be able to provide you with a list of insurance companies they accept. If you choose a treatment facility that doesn’t accept your insurance, there are other options available as well. For example, many addiction treatment centers will offer flexible payment plans.

If you would like to learn more about Adderall addiction treatment and the program options available, contact Orlando Recovery Center. Our team can talk to you about specific programs and payment options that may be viable options for your needs or the needs of your loved one.

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