It’s that time of year! The Christmas lights are out, people are ringing bells and collecting toys, and Elf is being replayed on TV constantly. The holiday season is officially upon us and with it comes a season of change. What do I mean by that? I’m talking about making changes in your life, of the sober variety. Before I quit drinking for good I thought about it for years. I pondered what it would be like if I quit, I wondered if I could do it, and when would be a good time. I got sober in the summer, but the timing is different for anyone. I know many people in recovery who chose to get sober around the holidays. Here are 5 reasons why you should get sober around the holidays.

1. Embrace the spirit of giving

During the holidays we often hear about it being the season of giving. What better gift to give than the gift of sobriety? You know who the most important recipient of your sobriety is? That’s right. It’s you. By embracing the spirit of giving, you can give yourself a new life in sobriety. That’s why sobriety is – a complete change of ideals and old ways. This holiday season consider giving yourself the gift of sobriety.

2. Start a new you in the new year

What comes in the New Year? Resolutions. It’s the timing of the universe where it’s natural to set goals for the coming calendar year. We often hear of people, who set goals to lose weight, write more, get a new career, or run a marathon. The New Year signifies the perfect time to start on the path towards a new you. While suffering from drug and alcohol issues can rob of us years of our lives, the New Year starts fresh. It’s time to take your life back and get sober. The start of a New Year is the ideal time to do so.

3. Reunite with your family and friends

Often we see a huge benefit in sobriety through reuniting with our family and friends. By making a living amends and changing our destructive behaviors, we can often mend our most treasured relationships. The holiday season is often a time to catch up with family, share meals, and give gifts amongst friends. This can be better achieved when you are sober and have chosen a life of recovery. Think stress-free holidays and family who is proud of how far you have come. That could start this holiday season.

4. Bring joy into your life

Not only is this time of the year the season of giving, it’s also the season of joy. Joy is defined as a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. Personally, I don’t believe I ever knew true joy in my drinking years. I remember feeling joy as a child and today joy has completely transformed my life. Being sober brings a lot of joy. It brings serenity, inner peace, and happiness that don’t depend on a drug or a bottle. Knowing that you can count on yourself to be the best version of you, that you can show up and be there for family and friends, and that you can find solace in every day things is complete joy. A joy that light after darkness can only bring.

The truth is, sobriety can bring these amazing things into your life any time of the year, but there is something magical about the holidays. This season brings faith, motivation, and determination out in all of us. These are just a few good reasons to get sober this holiday season.

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