Is Marijuana Addiction a Real Thing in Florida?

Last Updated: April 10, 2023

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The rumors that you have probably heard are partly true. Chances are, you will not get addicted to marijuana. However, about three in 10 people who use it to destress or relax will face dependency sooner or later. If that does not seem like a staggering number, consider that cannabis addicts are in the millions.

It is a fact, at least as far as medical science knows right now, that most people can use marijuana when they like, set it down when they like, and stay in control. That is according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).  However, if you are one of those who do become addicted, Florida drug rehab can help you walk away from it for good.

Who Develops an Addiction to Marijuana?

Genetics plays at least some role in whether or not a person develops an addiction to marijuana. However, your DNA is not the only factor. Life experiences, society, and even the family who raised you have something to do with your likelihood of becoming an addict.

In an interview with HealthLine, Carl Hart, Ph.D., who is an associate professor at Columbia University, says people who have strong links to society, a circle of friends, interests, and a job are less likely to become addicted to marijuana.

Having options seems to make a difference, Dr. Hart explains. When there are other things to do, whether it is spending time with friends and family or going to work, marijuana is less likely to take hold.

There Is Scientific Evidence of the Affect Marijuana Has on the Brain

The brain in a person who becomes addicted to marijuana may undergo changes over time. In a study on marijuana addiction, author Mary Heitzeg found that cannabis can alter the reward centers of the brain. When that happens, situations that would normally produce a gratifying or pleasurable sensation become dulled or muted.

Heitzeg and her team built an experiment where marijuana user participants could win or lose a certain amount of money. All that the participants had to do to win was click the right button on a computer screen.

The results showed that the longer a person had used marijuana, the less likely the chance of winning money mattered. In a non-addicted person, the brain would release the neurotransmitter dopamine during the anticipation stage of the experiment. Long-time marijuana users did not have the same reaction. Heitzeg says their reward centers were “hijacked” by the drug. That is the same type of description used to explain how addiction to any other substance affects the brain of the user.

Florida Drug Rehab Helps Marijuana Addicts Regain Control

Marijuana addiction might seem harmless. Certainly, popular culture and growing legalization would have everyone believe that it is true. However, most people who drive a car will never be in a terrible accident. The law says everyone needs a restraint because you never know if the next person will be you.

Florida drug rehab for cannabis addicts helps you set down marijuana and break its hold. You probably will not need medically assisted detox, as withdrawals are not in the same league as those for opioids. But you still need support. You might even want to participate in a SMART recovery program.

In rehab, you will learn healthier habits. You will have nutritious foods, social interactions. group and individual therapy, and plenty of healthy activity in the form of exercise, yoga, and meditation.  Rehab is where you can become healthy again. You will also learn whether you have any underlying conditions that also need treatment.

Marijuana addiction is rare, but it is very real. For the people who suffer, it interferes with the simple and not-so-simple pleasures in life. At a drug treatment center, you can take back your life and live clean and sober.

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