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Opioid Addiction Treatment in Florida

Opioid addiction treatment has helped thousands break their dependence on these powerful drugs and start their recovery. It’s time to get your life back.

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Opioid addiction often starts with a pain medication prescription. As your body becomes dependent on the drug to function, you may do anything to take more. According to The Florida Behavioral Health Association, heroin use “more than doubled” in 18–25-year-olds in the past 10 years. The Pensacola News Journal added that 7,293 Florida residents died in 2015 due to opioid abuse.

Thousands have died from opioid overdose, but evidence-based addiction treatment saves lives and can help you start a new life in recovery.

Opioid addiction can happen even when you take the drug as prescribed. 

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Our therapies build your mental and physical well-being during your stay.

What Happens in Rehab?

You’re guided through every recovery step by our caring team.

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What Is Opioid Use Disorder?

Opiates and opioids are highly addictive drugs. A person with an opioid use disorder has lost control of their opioid or opiate use and continues taking these drugs despite adverse consequences. Willpower may not be enough to improve this medical condition. Opioid addiction treatment is often necessary.

  • Taking more or larger amounts than prescribed
  • Withdrawal symptoms
  • “Doctor shopping”
  • Damaged relationships
  • Needing higher doses to achieve the same effects
  • Hiding opioid use from others
  • Behavior or mood changes
  • Poor work or school performance

Why Choose Our Addiction Treatment Center?

Over 40,000 people have trusted The Recovery Village treatment centers with their addictions and co-occurring mental health conditions. Patients at Orlando Recovery Center graduate from our evidence-based opioid rehab with the skills, self-awareness and support necessary for an opioid-free life. Anyone can overcome opioid addiction if they commit to recovery and receive patient-centric, individualized care.

Opioid Rehab Programs in Florida

Successful opioid addiction treatment has several steps. Our programs help you challenge the physical, emotional and mental symptoms to provide you with the best chance at lasting recovery. 

What Happens in Opioid Rehab?

At Orlando Recovery Center, we treat the whole person — not just their addiction. Our practices are supported by research and results, then individualized to meet each person’s needs.

Personal Therapy

Our counselors work with each client to address their symptoms and thought patterns to find the cause of their addiction.

Peer Support

Clients have regular group therapy sessions for support, guidance and fellowship with peers in recovery.

Continuum of Care

People are more likely to relapse if they leave rehab too early. Clients step down to lower levels of treatment as their condition improves, so they always have the proper amount of support.

Supportive Downtime

Recreational therapies, sports and invigorating vistas help people build relationships with drug-free peers and develop hobbies that support recovery.

Invigorating Meals

Opioid misuse can wreak havoc on your health. Our chef creates delicious, nutritious meals to boost healing and motivate inpatient clients.

Relapse Prevention

We’re preparing you for graduation at every stage of care. We’ll create a relapse prevention strategy and connect you with vital post-treatment resources.

Explore your insurance benefits to pay for opioid rehab:

  • Most health insurance providers cover opioid rehab.
  • We’re in-network with most insurance providers.
  • Verify your insurance coverage for our opioid rehab. 
  • We’ll help you understand your coverage and benefits.
  • Paying for treatment without insurance is also an option.

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Your Health & Recovery Is Our Priority

The opioid epidemic is real, but you’re not alone. Read reviews and learn why Orlando Recovery Center may be the best option for your treatment.

Mike W.
14:36 25 May 23
Very nice facility. They made sure we did what we needed to, to get detoxed. Very helpful staff.
Juan Gonzalez J.
22:33 20 May 23
Great experience! Real helpful crew! Well kept and clean facility! Would definitely recommend for an addict who is in need of recovery!
Alex F.
15:26 04 May 23
ORC was the best decision I made in my life. The only thing I’d say anything negative about is that (these things didn’t bother me but seemed to bother other patients the most) there’s a ton of silly little rules that my peers seemed to be bothered by- smoke break times, how they handle smoke break lighters, leisure time outside of building at the detox & residential level of care (the program is meant to feel like you’re gaining more freedom the higher up in care you go . PHP and IOP levels of care. There’s a method to the madness, BE PATIENT AND WILLING TO SURRENDER) , Medication Lines (Both AM & PM), some people not getting prescribed certain meds that they want (you’re in treatment for a reason, they’re not just going to give you any medication you ask for), patients taking things to heart and getting offended from out of context things. The company may be a little disorganized on the back of house end, but to be honest, the clinical staff made up for all the negatives in my book. My therapist Veronica was awesome, I was lucky to have her on my side for this journey. Alia, Robin, Gabe, Ryan (You Matter! (Rec therapist)), Nyema, TJ, Johanna, Richard, Jeffrey, Tiffany, David, Ashley, and Amira were all essential components to my journey at ORC. There are so many Behavioral techs at the facility but the main ones whom I would shout out personally are , Mattie, Alicia, Tamiko, Ms.Sophia, Ms.Alma, Tabitha, Phil (Meds Meds Meds!) , Crystal, and Ebony. Everyone I named is phenomenal and I want you all to know how important each and everyone of you were to my time at ORC. I couldn’t have made it with out those staff members listed above and of course, most importantly, my peers. The camaraderie that I had with other patients was also essential to my recovery at orc. I suggest going in with an open mind, and be willing to surrender to the program as that’s how it will help you on your journey to recovery. They give you structure and help you get comfortable with being bored (IOP & PHP level of care). I learned so much about myself outside of just the addiction part of things and I am forever grateful for that experience. I would recommend ORC to every single person who needs help in this field. Thank you ORC you guys are a 10/5 in my book, and with that I leave you with a 5/5. - Alex FuentesP.S—Special shout out to Tank (Kitchen Staff) & Luz ( Positivity Heals)-
Valeria R.
14:22 02 May 23
I have always had a positive experience and the right answer to my questions.
Francisco R.
22:25 28 Mar 23
Awesome place to go and be sober, great support staff (AA)(CA)(NA) Great (BHT) and Nurses..Great food! Swimming pool/Gym and more!They saved my life they can save yours!
Kamall J.
17:57 21 Mar 23
Had a great experience

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