Addiction Education in Florida the Key to Providing Help

Last Updated: April 11, 2023

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The more you know about drug addiction, the more likely you will be to succeed with recovery. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of myths surrounding the causes and nature of addiction. Successful treatment might also be a mystery, but education can change everything.

Drug addiction treatment in Florida teaches you about what makes certain substances addictive. You will learn how the brain becomes addicted, why addiction is so difficult to control on your own, and how therapies can chip away at dangerous habits and conditions, replacing them with healthy coping mechanisms and, if needed, medications.

Education and communication are keys to recovery. Here is why.

Myths Can Give You a False Sense of Security . . . 

Some factual inaccuracies can lead addicts to believe that they do not need help or that all it takes to conquer addiction is sheer force of will. As long as you make it though the difficulties of withdrawal, you should be home free, right? Probably not.

Addiction is not known to be curable and detox only removes the chemical from your system. It does not help resolve the problems that landed you there in the first place. People who move past drug or alcohol abuse tend to say they are in recovery, not that they are cured or are no longer an addict. Twelve-step programs reinforce that truth.

. . . or They Can Make You Feel Hopeless

Myths can be two sharp edges on the same risky blade. If they are not supporting ideas of total independence in drug addiction recovery, they are dashing hopes of ever getting clean. So many stories circulate about how drug treatment programs do not work. Unfortunately, those myths only tell the result, not the cause of relapse.

Addiction treatment in Florida does work, but only if you understand addiction and commit to a healthy program. You can get clean by following certain steps. Staying clean, however, is a lifelong journey filled with successes, temptations, and sometimes setbacks. It is education about your condition that gets you through setbacks, even if they are full-on relapses.

Education Teaches How Addictions Happen and How to Manage Recovery

According to HelpGuide, over 20 million Americans have an addiction to some legal or illicit substance. Many are addicted to more than one, but most people do not plan to become addicted. You cannot see it coming if you do not know the risks. In treatment, you learn to do both.

Addiction has at least three layers:

  1. Cravings for the substance
  2. Loss of self-control over using the substance
  3. Continued use after knowing the detrimental effects

These problematic layers take hold because of the way the brain processes pleasure. Dopamine gives you a pleasurable sensation. It occurs naturally in the brain, but drugs can trigger dopamine artificially. The more you rely on drugs for a dopamine release, the less your brain produces naturally and the more you need the drug.

When you learn all that you can about addiction, you will have a better chance at recovery success.  It is myths that do the most harm. That is why Orlando Recovery Center is committed to educating you and communicating with you every step of the way.

If you or any of your loved ones are suffering from an addiction, do not let misinformation stand in the way of healing. Contact us today and learn about admissions plus all of the treatments and therapies available.