Clients who seek treatment in a Florida drug rehab may also have problems with anger. This powerful emotion is not only tied to addiction, but it can also lead to relapse if not appropriately addressed. There is a new study that explores the effectiveness of therapeutic anger management intervention while receiving substance abuse treatment.

How Anger is Associated with Addiction

Many people experience feelings of frustration and anger, but most addicts deal with those feelings differently. You may have self-medicated uncomfortable feelings in the past, which has led to a substance use disorder. In some cases, anger also erupts and magnifies with the overuse of certain substances, such as alcohol or cocaine.

The idea that anger issues will disappear once the substances are gone is wishful thinking at its best. Many people continue to struggle with emotions in recovery, and you are also faced with making some drastic lifestyle changes. If you have not learned to appropriately address anger, those emotions could lead to relapse.

The Value of Including Anger Management in Florida Drug Rehab

A new study confirms that there is significant value in offering clients anger management therapy while they attend an addiction treatment program. Researchers in Iran released a study in April 2018 in BMC Psychiatry. Specifically, they reviewed the effectiveness of the Patrick-Reilly approach to helping substance abuse patients reduce levels of aggression.

The Patrick-Reilly approach is a cognitive behavioral therapy approach to anger management that focuses on the three areas of relaxation techniques, cognitive interventions, and communication skills. This study consisted of 40 participants, half of whom were randomly selected to receive this anger management intervention.

The study found that the levels of aggression in the group that participated in anger management therapy were lower than those in the control group. In fact, the control group showed an increase in aggression. Since this was a small study, the researchers hope that there will be additional follow-ups with larger sample sizes to confirm their findings.

How Anger Management Therapy Helps Patients in Addiction Recovery

When you attend a Florida drug rehab, you may have the opportunity to participate in an anger management program as part of your treatment. This therapy provides clients in recovery with ways to appropriately deal with a wide range of emotions and constructively express themselves. These tools can not only improve relationships and make life easier, but they can also reduce the chance of relapse.

Some of the goals of a typical anger management program include:

  • Learn to effectively manage anger
  • Understand emotions that underlie anger
  • Develop self-control over negative thoughts and actions
  • Stop violence or the threat of violence
  • Learn how to reach out for the support of others

As part of a comprehensive addiction treatment program at The Orlando Recovery Center, each client is given the tools to recognize anger and manage it appropriately for a healthy recovery. This not only makes living in recovery a more enjoyable experience but it will also increase your chances of success.

If you or someone you care about is ready to break free from alcohol or drug addiction, contact one of our addiction specialists now to learn more about your admissions options.

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