Living in the throes of an active drug addiction can numb your emotions. When you detox and enter treatment, emotions can be laid bare. That is a healthy step in the right direction, even if it is an uncomfortable one. However, it also requires new, healthy ways to manage stress.

Florida drug rehab can provide a whole-person approach to recovery. It is not just a set of treatments to rid your body of chemicals, it is a program that is custom-made to help you at every step, including with de-stressing when you need it.

Here are five ways rehab can help you learn to manage stress and live healthier for it.

#1: Meditate for a Healthier Mindset

Meditation takes many forms. For some, it is a time of quiet prayer. For others, it is a time to simply focus on deep breathing, guided imagery, or just sitting quietly.

Why does meditation help you de-stress? Meditation can have a measurable effect on the brain. It facilitates:

  • Clearer thinking and perceiving
  • More compassion
  • More empathy
  • More control over becoming calm
  • Calmness that lasts after meditation

#2: Learn to Separate Worrying from Healthy Concern

Ask any chronic worrier and he or she will probably say that worry is normal. But there is a big difference between worrying about a situation and caring about it.

Worry increases stress and can turn “small issues” into major, unhealthy problems. Individual therapy can help teach you how to handle problems that concern you and break habits of worry that are detrimental to recovery.

#3: Make a List of Priorities

Sometimes seeing issues and tasks in list form helps the brain process them in a healthier way. It can lend perspective and avoid the overwhelming, disorganized sensation of knowing there are lots of things to do but not knowing where to begin.

Thus, a step in the right direction is to make a daily list of important things you need to handle. It might take time to differentiate between what is genuinely important and what is not, but you will learn to prioritize along the way. Like most of what you will experience in treatment, consider it a work in progress.

#4: Exercise for a Stronger Body and Healthier Mind

Physical exertion has long been known to help alleviate stress. It is not just a theory, though. Exercise offers these specific benefits:

  • Increased endorphins or “feel-good” hormones
  • Switching focus from problems to the motions of the exercise
  • Less difficulty falling asleep and deeper, more restful sleep

In Florida drug rehab, you will have guidance to help you find the types of exercise that are right for you. Amenities and options include swimming, running, resistance training, dance, aerobics, yoga, and more.

#5: Remove Yourself From the Stressful Situation

Rehab has the potential to help you de-stress because it lets you step out of your old life and into a safe, clean, healthy environment. That is especially important for people who do not have support at home, but it is beneficial for anyone suffering from addiction.

In residential treatment, all that you have to worry about is recovery and building new skills to live drug-free for the rest of your life. When your world revolves around that, without stressors from the outside, you can focus inward and take steps every day under the caring influence of professionals who can guide you toward new coping mechanisms and better decisions.

Entering drug rehab is one of the biggest steps you will ever make. When you go into a residential program, you will probably feel new stress emerge as you face the drug addiction problem and work to conquer it. Medications might be prescribed to help with the symptoms. At the same time, you will put outside stressors on pause while you learn new skills to help manage them.

In a comprehensive program, you will begin with medically assisted detox and then move into a program that is tailored for you. Whether that includes yoga, music therapy, art therapy, swimming, working out, or a combination of all of those, you will find new, healthy ways to eliminate stress and live a drug-free life.

If you or any of your loved ones have a drug addiction problem, contact us today to learn more about admissions.

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