Nurses in Florida devote so much time to caring for others that their own health may take a backseat. Long hours, high stress, and knowledge about medications can become a dangerous combination that leads to drug addiction.

Addiction in professionals is not an anomaly. In fact, as many as one in 10 nurses is believed to have a substance abuse problem. That is a higher ratio than the general population. Unfortunately, many nurses resist getting the treatment that they need because of fear of losing their job. With a Florida drug rehab program developed for professionals, you could help protect your career and move into a life of recovery instead of addiction.

Nurses Are Professional on the Outside but May Suffer on the Inside

Like many people in healthcare, including doctors, nurses tend to exude a calm, collected, and professional exterior. On the inside, they may struggle with the same everyday stresses as anyone else and then some. Hours are legendarily long, especially in a hospital setting. In many cases, schedules are erratic and there is a tremendous level of responsibility. While a healthy level of detachment from patients is normal, it is just as normal to carry some heartache.

Those issues and many others create a recipe for poor habits, stress, and reaching out for something to cope. Long hours may lead to stimulants to stay alert. Sleeping can be a challenge, so depressants and alcohol may make their way into the mix. Addiction can creep in slowly. Unfortunately, nurses may be the last to admit that there is a problem.

Knowledge, Access, and a Lack of Supervision Protocol Help Addictions Thrive

Nurses, like most health professionals, understand medications, their interactions, proper dosage, and other facts about drugs that the general public does not know. While knowledge helps nurses care for patients, it can also factor into taking risks with their own health. That is what one nurse, who asked to remain anonymous, explained to WCNC NBC in North Carolina.

This wife, mother, and full-time nurse loved her job. After surgery, she realized that the pain medications prescribed helped her cope with anxiety issues that she had struggled with for years. Soon, she took advantage of lax hospital drug access policies which allowed her to skim as much as she wanted until, of course, she lost her job. She looks at that incident as a positive one in the long run because she entered a drug treatment facility and is earning her license back.

Florida Professional Drug Treatment Can Turn Life Back Around

Drug addiction treatment is a difficult decision for any addicted person. Weave in the professional factor and entering treatment can be frightening to contemplate. That is where a professionals treatment program can help. It is designed specifically for people whose professional reputation is at stake, both with the addiction and entering treatment.

Orlando Recovery Center’s professional’s program takes a different approach. Our primary goal with is internalizing the disease concept and helping those in treatment commit to a lifetime of abstinence and recovery.

This is what you can expect:

  • Empathetic, professional staff
  • Psychiatric evaluation to help uncover possible pre-existing disorders
  • Curated groups geared toward the profession
  • Treatment based on need and progress, not financial issues
  • Monitored, professional meetings
  • Chemical screenings
  • Connections with community sobriety and recovery programs
  • Monitoring contracts with state PHP programs

The public views nurses differently from the reality that many men and women in the profession face. Underneath their calm, knowledgeable, and focused exterior may lie an overworked, stressed person with an addiction to drugs, alcohol, or both. Professional drug treatment in Florida puts lives back together again.

If you or someone you care about in the nursing profession suffers from a substance abuse disorder, Orlando Recovery Center’s professional’s program can help. Contact us to learn about admissions and find out what makes this program uniquely suited to your needs.

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