HIV and Drug Abuse Walk Hand-in-Hand in Florida

Last Updated: April 11, 2023

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The chance of a person contracting HIV in America is about 1 in 99, but certain risk factors increase those odds considerably. Urban areas have a much higher concentration of HIV positive people, as do certain states. Florida has more HIV diagnoses that most other states, according to the Centers for Disease Control.  For intravenous drug users in Florida, the statistics are staggering.

Understand the Risk of Contracting HIV Through Intravenous Drug Use

If you use intravenous drugs and share needles with anyone, your risk of contracting HIV is high. The only way to avoid the risk is by never sharing needles, no matter how well you know the other person.

Ideally, a drug rehab Florida residents can trust will help you walk away from intravenous drug use for good. That reduces the lifetime risk to the same level as that of anyone who is not a drug user.

Human Immunodeficiency Virus, more commonly known as HIV, attacks and can ultimately destroy a person’s immune system. It is transmitted through contact with bodily fluids, with a few exceptions. It is not detected in sweat, saliva, or urine; but contact with the blood of an infected person poses an enormous risk.

Never Share Needles With Any Drug User, No Matter How Well You Know Them

In Florida, one in 54 people will be diagnosed with HIV at some point during their lifetime, says the CDC. By comparison, Kentucky has a 1 in 173 risk, and Montana’s risk is 1 in 578.

Drug users who share needles with an infected person come in direct contact with infected blood. Unfortunately, it is not possible to know who is infected with HIV and who is not until the disease has advanced.

According to AVERT, HIV can move slowly. In some people, it takes a decade or longer for the immune system to become irreparably compromised. That also means a person, such as a friend or romantic partner, may be infected for years without knowing it. Just because a person looks and acts healthy does not mean he or she is not infected.

Get Help for Intravenous Drug Addiction Through a Professional Drug Rehab Center

Addiction to any illicit drug poses physical, psychological, and even legal dangers. Intravenous drug use is more dangerous, especially for people who share needles. For Florida residents, the risks are especially high. Only residents of the District of Columbia have a greater risk of contracting HIV.

Not only does intravenous drug use feed your body a dangerous chemical substance, you can also introduce a potentially lethal disease through contact with someone else’s blood. There is no cure for HIV, and successful treatment depends on early diagnosis.

The most important steps to take right now:

  • Stop sharing needles.
  • Stop using intravenous drugs.
  • Enter a Florida drug rehab center.

All that it takes is one chance taken, one episode of risky behavior, and one exposure to HIV for you to contract a virus that can never be cured. There is no safe amount of contact with a dirty needle. With the help of a caring and professional Florida rehab center, you can protect your health and reclaim your life.

If you or someone you care about is an intravenous drug user, Orlando Recovery Center can help. Contact us today to learn more about admissions and all of the programs available.