Though professional treatment is an important part of addiction recovery, it’s only the first step. What follows is a lifelong journey of sobriety that takes determination, practice and ongoing support to maintain. It’s difficult for nearly everyone, but Orlando Recovery Center makes it easier through the use of alumni resources.

All of our addiction treatment programs include individualized aftercare plans that help set clients up for success after completing rehab. Without an effective plan in place, struggles that arise during recovery can quickly become overwhelming, which increases the likelihood of relapse. Here is an overview of what we offer in our aftercare plans and related alumni services.

Aftercare Planning

Rehab treatment involves modifying damaging behaviors, kickstarting sobriety, building support and understanding the underlying reasons for an addiction. Aftercare involves reinforcing and building upon these foundations through:

  • Support groups: Group meetings or 12-step groups allow people in recovery to find support, learn helpful strategies and hold themselves more accountable for sobriety.
  • Relapse prevention planning: Our experts work with clients to create strategies for relapse prevention. It typically involves understanding triggers, learning ways to cope with them and determining what a client will do when they’re on the verge of a relapse.
  • Alumni resources: These are on-demand resources and services that clients can take advantage of after completing a rehab stay. These resources may include alumni events, telehealth programs, webinars and a variety of online tools.
  • Physical/mental health support: Clients may continue therapy sessions or be prescribed maintenance medications to help support long-term recovery.
  • Routine check-ups: Staff members schedule follow-up calls or in-person meetings to discuss progress, adjust aftercare plans and ensure that the recovery process is going smoothly.
  • Sober living homes: For some clients, going back home would mean facing many overwhelming and triggering situations during the volatile period of early recovery. Sober living homes allow people to stay in a safe, supportive environment with strict substance-free policies.

Alumni Access

Clients in our rehab programs will gain access to alumni resources immediately after completing their rehab stay. Resources like online portals, support apps, check-ins and career advising can help alumni build and maintain a stable foundation that promotes long-term recovery. 

Teletherapy and Patient Portal

By registering with our patient portal, clients can access a variety of helpful recovery tools and resources. The portal hosts services that promote overall help and wellness, such as guided yoga lessons, online journaling pages, addiction and recovery information, educational videos, support tools and much more.

Additionally, our teletherapy app allows clients to continue the healing process from the comfort of their own homes. All that is needed is a laptop, smartphone or tablet in order to connect with a behavioral health expert and receive life-changing therapy, learn new ways of thinking or develop mental health strategies.

Other Recovery Resources

Orlando Recovery Center also offers several recovery resources that are available to anyone. These include helpful video topics, webinars and learning opportunities for addiction-related content.

Video Resources

Our YouTube channel hosts a wide variety of valuable video topics, ranging from client testimonials to in-depth explanations of how addiction affects the mind and body. Additionally, the video content found on our website can help people with addiction — as well as their friends, family and loved ones — better understand the relationship between mental health, substance use and recovery.

On-Demand Addiction and Mental Health Webinars

We provide an archive of addiction and mental health webinars presented by mental health professionals, clinicians, social workers and many other types of addiction experts. Each online seminar covers topics related to addiction, such as types of treatment, the impact of mental health conditions and the power of self-care. 

Articles and Blogs

Our website offers a wealth of information that can help you and those you know learn more about addiction, mental health and recovery. Our blog is often updated with new articles covering a wide range of topics, such as holiday sobriety guides, avoiding triggers during the pandemic, self-care tips, and much more. We also share news about the latest breakthroughs and updates regarding substances, laws and new treatment approaches. 

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction or a co-occurring mental health condition, Orlando Recovery Center is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about individualized treatment plans and recovery programs that can work well for your needs.

Editor – Melissa Carmona
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