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Drug and alcohol addiction treatment at Orlando Recovery Center is overseen by a group of medical and clinical experts who are dedicated to providing compassionate care.

About the Orlando Recovery Center Team

Whether you’re entering treatment at Orlando Recovery Center or simply referencing our website for medical or addiction information, our team is committed to offering quality service. Each member of our in-house staff and editorial team is highly skilled, with a goal of helping clients find lasting recovery.

Our Editorial Policy

As a leading resource on the web for addiction treatment in Central Florida, our thorough editorial policy ensures that you have access to accurate and helpful information online. Each piece of content featured on our website is reviewed by a member of our editorial team, which is made up of writers, editors and medical reviewers.

In-House Staff, Editorial Team and Medical Reviewers

Orlando Recovery Center’s staff is comprised of a collection of in-house medical and clinical staff at the center, along with other professionals. In addition to the staff at the center, the editorial team creates and distributes online content to help people find and learn more about addiction resources.

Dr. Timothy Huckaby

Dr. Timothy Huckaby

Medical Director

Dr. Timothy Huckaby, medical director for Orlando Recovery Center, is a clinical expert, and a triple board-certified physician in pain medicine, addiction medicine and anesthesiology. A graduate of the Louisiana State University School of Medicine, Dr. Huckaby completed his residency in anesthesiology at LSU and received additional training at Brigham and Women’s, Harvard Medical School, prior to completing his addiction medicine fellowship at the University of Florida. Dr. Huckaby serves as the president of the Florida Society of Addiction Medicine and has been the chairman of committees for the International Doctors of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Dr. Huckaby has spent his career helping people in times of crisis, providing both expert care and compassion. He is passionate in his belief that addictions are treatable diseases and that as addiction experts we must carry this message to all patients and all physicians, and lead the way with continued innovations that make real differences in patients’ lives.

Dr. Jennyffer Miller

Associate Medical Director

Dr. Miller is a board-certified adult psychiatrist specializing in psychiatry with a focus on pharmacology, addiction, public psychiatry and psychodynamic psychotherapy. She is experienced in treating people at all levels of care. She promotes a holistic approach to addiction treatment.

James “Buck” Runyan

Executive Director

James D. Buck Runyan leads the operations of Orlando Recovery Center by developing key staff competencies and overseeing each department within the facility. He has worked as a therapist and administrator at each level of care, providing a unique understanding of client needs and development for staff.

James has designed and facilitated 28 treatment programs in seven states, including outpatient, private practice, intensive outpatient, partial hospitalization, residential, medical inpatient and detox programming. As a certified eating disorder specialist, he previously served as the president of the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals. He holds both a Master of Science degree in counseling psychology and a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology from California Baptist College. James is also an active philanthropist and national public speaker on a range of mental health topics, including eating disorders, addiction, trauma and family systems.

Doug Paul

Clinical Director

Doug Paul has been providing treatment for substance use disorders since 2007. At Orlando Recovery Center, he directs all clinical operations on-site, along with programming at Maitland Outpatient and Next Step Village, a nearby sober living community. His dedicated leadership and advocacy for mental health enable him to provide quality care for patients while fostering learning and development opportunities for staff.

Before serving clients at Orlando Recovery Center, Doug spent seven years with Talbott Recovery in Atlanta, Georgia, where he assisted in developing young adult programming. He has also held director roles with Foundations Recovery Network’s outpatient programs in Atlanta. He has presented at local, state and national conventions on substance use disorder and mental health. Doug holds a master’s degree in rehabilitation counseling from Georgia State University, along with a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies from the University of Central Florida.

Melissa Browning

Director of Nursing

Melissa Browning oversees Orlando Recovery Center’s nurses and behavioral health technicians, while ensuring state and federal compliance for quality patient care. As an experienced registered nurse and leader, Melissa has spent more than 14 years helping people heal in a wide range of settings, including emergency rooms, medical intensive care units, neurological intensive care units, home health environments, and adolescent substance abuse and mental health units.

Melissa takes a hands-on approach to leadership and care, which has enabled her to improve health services on a regional and multi-site level throughout her career. Melissa believes in developing a team’s culture and trust to foster exceptional patient care. She constantly works to provide excellent service to her staff and clients at Orlando Recovery Center and beyond.

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