4 Ways Al-Anon Helps Florida Families Heal

Last Updated: April 10, 2023

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When a loved one goes away to a Florida addiction treatment program, you trust that he or she is getting the help needed to address a substance use disorder. What about family members who have been affected by addiction for so long?

There are support groups for addiction, but there is one for loved ones as well. Al-Anon is a worldwide organization that offers fellowship and support to family members and loved ones impacted by addiction. It has over 26,000 groups in 115 countries and is a 12-step program similar to AA or NA.

Family members of addicts need support, too. If you are worried about or affected by someone with an alcohol or drug problem, here four ways that Al-Anon can help you heal.

1. Accept that Addiction is a Family Disease

While it is true that there can be a genetic component to addiction, the disease is also considered a “family disease” because it has a powerful impact on everyone in its path. Whether you are the parents, spouse, sibling, or child of the person with a substance use disorder, your life has likely been altered because of the disease. In Al-Anon, you will meet people just like you who can relate and help you cope.

2. Learn Self-Care

When you live with an alcoholic or addict, the world often revolves around that person. This means that the needs of others within the family may not get met. Al-Anon will teach family members how to recognize the things that are within your control and the things that are not, giving you the freedom to begin taking better care of your own needs.

3. End Co-Dependency

Co-dependency often goes hand in hand with addiction. Have you made a habit of covering for your addicted loved one or minimizing his or her actions? If you are constantly coming to the rescue, this is not helping that person, but rather allowing him or her to continue on a destructive path. Al-Anon will give you the tools to recognize the difference between enabling and support.

4. Get Rid of Guilt, Shame, and Blame

It is not uncommon to feel guilty or ashamed about having someone with a substance use disorder in your family. Did you do something wrong (you did not) to cause the issue? Do you blame your loved one for the destructive behaviors that were the result of addiction? Al-Anon will help you move past many of these negative and destructive emotions so that your family can begin to heal.

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