After you walk out of a Florida rehab, you probably have plans to stay clean and sober. This can be easier said than done, particularly without help. Research on the effectiveness of 12-step programs has determined that participation in a support group along with other substance abuse and medical programs improves outcomes.

When you participate in a 12-step program, you can create a support and social network, improve your coping skills, reduce depression, and increase your sense of overall well-being. So, just what is a 12-step program, what are your choices, and how do you choose the right one for your needs?

What is a 12-Step Program?

Twelve-step programs are support groups used to help people who are battling any range of destructive or addictive behaviors. The 12-step model is based off of the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) program that was founded in 1938 by a pair of struggling alcoholics who found that they were not able to recover alone but could do so together and by helping others.

The 12 Steps were developed as a set of principles that allow members to examine their past behaviors and old ideas, and make lasting changes that will reduce the chance of relapse. Members attend meetings to discuss the principles of the program as well as to offer support to each other.

What 12-Step Programs Are Available?

There are hundreds of different 12-step programs available that address everything from addiction to alcohol to drugs and to sex. You can find these support groups in your area online, and you will not need an invitation to attend. 12-step programs do not have dues or fees, and you can “join” by just walking in the door. Some of the most prominent 12-step programs dealing with substance abuse include:

Factors to Consider in Choosing a 12-Step Program

When considering the pros and cons of 12-step programs, it helps to know the source of the information. Many of the people who love the programs are those who are fully involved. Unfortunately, those who view the programs in a negative light often have not given them a fair try.

The good news is that there are many different types of meetings within each 12-step fellowship. Once you find the program that best suits your needs, you can look for meetings that you like, that make you feel comfortable, and that fit into your schedule.

There are open discussion and literature meetings, men’s and women’s meetings, LGBT-friendly meetings, and non-smoking meetings. If you do not like one meeting, there may be another one in your area that is a better fit.

How a Florida Rehab Can Help

When you go to a Florida drug rehab for substance abuse treatment, you will receive several benefits. You will get the Florida addiction treatment resources you need to carry you through detox as well as a wide range of therapies afterward. You will also receive a great deal of information about the disease of addiction and how to live a successful life in recovery.

Rehab will introduce you to 12-step concepts and also give you the information you need to make some choices about programs in your area. You will receive the support and guidance that you need to live a fulfilling life without using drug or alcohol. Contact The Orlando Recovery Center now with any questions or to discuss admissions.

Medical Disclaimer

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