It seems like finding the meaning of spirituality is a quest most people are perpetually on whether they know it or not. Spirituality is often a touchy subject and can come with a lot of controversy because at the end of the day, it’s a very subjective topic. It varies in meaning and definition to each person and most of the time is centered on feelings and experiences that are very specific respectively.

The meaning of spirituality is a diverse and intriguing concept. For some it is associated with God, a higher power, religion, church or prayer. For others it may be meditation, yoga, nature, intuition, energy or even dancing. It ranges from person to person, but the idea behind spirituality is connecting to something greater than ourselves, garnering a sense of feeling alive and is an avenue to find peace, balance, connectedness and unconditional love.

Perhaps the more important discussion point isn’t necessarily the universal meaning of spirituality but what it means to you. Figuring out what resonates with you, and what brings you into your own nirvana of sorts, is one of the most important journeys we will ever embark on as humans. Finding your spiritual path, your meaning of life, your purpose and what makes you feel connected to everything is one of the biggest assignments of our time on this earth.

There is no right, wrong, black, white or clear-cut answer to the meaning of spirituality. That’s also what makes it so beautiful. Each of us has the ability to decorate our spiritual path with the colors that suit our soul. We get to paint the picture in our mind and heart as to what it means to us at an individual level.

Finding that connection and art within ourselves is a magical ride. Not only do we figure out what makes us tick, but also along the way we find a community of like-minded spiritual artists with similar pictures, views and perspectives.

Becoming curious and reaching a point in life where we start asking questions, wondering and exploring this vast topic of spirituality is monumental. Often times, a person might not begin their search for more meaning until they hit a rock bottom, which is a great place to start becoming more aware of how you define this for yourself. Many people come into this search at the height of their addictions when life seems unmanageable.

Finding a solid spiritual path in recovery is a foundational piece of maintaining sobriety and detaching from the chains of addiction.

By connecting to a path in spirituality, we also connect to a higher level of emotional welfare. In turn, this helps us feel more connected to something bigger than ourselves and to the people in our spiritual tribe, which tends to evoke more feelings of happiness, gratitude, peace, contentment and calmness. Spirituality goes hand in hand with emotional health and wellness, which is also instrumental in recovery.

Just as everyone’s path to spiritual enlightenment is different, so is each person’s path to recovery. The key is to find what works for you in both recovery and spirituality, create a state of mind that supports a healthier way of living and to find a support group that can help cultivate an environment that empowers you to flourish in all areas of life.

Successful recovery is rooted in spirituality and is a concept that has worked for many. Spirituality and recovery can be overwhelming when approached separately and even more so when paired together. However, they are both beautiful experiences, especially when combined.

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By – Carly Benson
With over 11 years of recovery under her belt from alcohol and cocaine, Carly Benson has become a faithful believer in miracles, a writer and a person living a mindfully alcohol-free lifestyle. Read more
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