Do You Have to Hit Rock Bottom Before Going into Florida Rehab?

Last Updated: April 10, 2023

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The concept of “hitting rock bottom” is commonly used in recovery circles, but it is also the source of some dangerous misconceptions. When there is misinformation about addiction, Florida drug rehab opportunities, or living in recovery, someone who could or should be getting help for their substance abuse issue may miss the valuable chance. One of the biggest myths about recovery and getting help for addiction is that someone must hit “rock bottom” first.

What is “Rock Bottom”?

Interestingly, there is no one concrete definition for “rock bottom” because this means something different from person to person. Some people believe that they have hit bottom with their addiction, only to fall much further down with continued use. In its simplest form, “rock bottom” is the lowest point that a person will go because of his or her substance abuse.

For many people, hitting “rock bottom” has a lot to do with the loss of resources or the threat of their loss. This can include the loss of money, employment, housing, a vehicle, relationships, and mental or physical health. “Rock bottom” may involve the loss of custody or children or the threat of jail time due to legal charges. For others, it has everything to do with the loss of feelings of self-respect and self-worth.

Why Believing This Myth is Dangerous

Viewing addiction as a runaway train that is only going to stop when it crashes is unfortunate for everyone involved. When you have a substance abuse issue, the signs and symptoms become clear soon enough. If you or your loved ones wait around for the “bottom” to materialize, it could be too late.

The overriding problem with this myth is that it is dangerous for you. If you think about it, would an oncologist suggest that a cancer patient wait until his or her tumor gets a bit larger before treating it? Obviously not, so why would you wait to address your problems with drugs and alcohol? Further delay could lead to additional consequences including health issues and even death.

There is little evidence that you need to rack up a certain scorecard full of negative consequences before you seek help and successfully begin a life in recovery. An addict with fewer problems and less emotional stress may be more driven in early recovery. The point is that whether or not you have just lost everything or are just tired of relying on drugs and alcohol, you have an equal shot at recovery.

Get Help for Addiction Through a Florida Drug Rehab

The good news that recovery from addiction can begin at any time, without waiting around for the mythical “rock bottom” to arrive as lives continue to fall apart. If you or any of your loved ones are struggling with addiction, personalized help is available at the Orlando Recovery Center. Our Florida drug rehab offers comprehensive and compassionate substance abuse treatment that treats each client as an individual. Contact us to learn more about our different substance abuse recovery options for any stage of addiction. Recovery does not have to wait, and neither do you.