The process of getting sober isn’t always the easiest, but it’s definitely worth it. Aside from the obvious reasons that come with breaking bad habits to live a better life, sobriety has so many positive aspects and comes with several health benefits not everyone understands as they embark on the journey. Here are a few health benefits you can expect with sobriety.

Less Toxins

When you stop polluting your body with toxins from drugs and alcohol, your body begins to detox and cleanse itself. You are no longer putting those chemicals in your body and this allows your internal systems to reset, offering our bodies the chance to work more efficiently and with less strain. This creates an environment in our body that is much closer to what it was intended to be and you will start to notice that you begin to function at a much more optimal level.

Mental Clarity

The less we fill our bodies with toxins and chemicals that are not supposed to be there, especially in excess, the first thing we notice is much more mental clarity. Pollutants no longer weigh us down and this offers our brain a chance to function on a level that is much less clouded. We don’t wake up with hangovers, fuzzy memories and over time our mentality begins to shift as we realize that being present is more enjoyable than numbing reality.

Better Sleep

Sobriety gets your body back into a more normal rhythm. Instead of staying out drinking and partying until the early morning hours, we give ourselves a chance to rest and get quality sleep. Not only that but the peace of mind being sober offers makes for a very soft pillow.

More Energy

As you can see, all of the health benefits of sobriety go hand-in-hand. When you are not putting unnecessary toxins in your body and you are sleeping better, you’re naturally going to have increased energy levels. Drugs and alcohol are depressants, so in their absence, you’ll find that you can get more done without tiring.

Better Skin

One of the first noticeable changes in most people is their skin. The complexion becomes more radiant. Eyes begin to brighten and skin becomes more clear. Some times we don’t realize that what we put into our bodies really plays a role in our physical appearance. Within the first 6 months sobriety, most people undergo visible and positive changes in their skin, face and eyes that others take notice of.

Better Eating Habits

When you begin to live a healthier lifestyle free from substances, you begin to be more conscious of what you eat. When you drink and party, you don’t always make the best choices of what to eat when you are drunk or hungover. Fast food and pizza are quick ways to feel better and a greasy meal is always tempting in that state of mind. But when you live in sobriety, your judgments around eating become more informed and aware. Not only that but your body becomes much less dehydrated which helps us to fight unhealthy cravings.


Overall well-being is a huge health benefit of sobriety. When you are doing good for yourself, feeling better, looking better and functioning on a higher level, you feel less shame and this in turn leads to more happiness. Sobriety brings so much peace in to your life and allows you to become more present and aware. The sober lifestyle helps you to start really understanding who you are and what makes you tick. You feel more connected to yourself, your spirituality and life in general becomes something you look forward to each day.

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By – Carly Benson
With over 11 years of recovery under her belt from alcohol and cocaine, Carly Benson has become a faithful believer in miracles, a writer and a person living a mindfully alcohol-free lifestyle. Read more
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