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Aftercare at Orlando Recovery Center

You’re not alone when you graduate from our rehab center. Our aftercare resources help you avoid relapse and maintain your new life skills. 

What Is Aftercare?

After graduating from treatment at Orlando Recovery Center, our comprehensive aftercare planning connects you with the people and resources needed for lifelong recovery. Your aftercare plan is personalized to your unique needs, giving you the best chance at post-rehab success. 

Am I ready for aftercare?

Our team ensures you’re prepared to stay sober before you leave our care. A specialized aftercare plan is the key to getting your life back. You’re ready if:

  • You’ve completed medical detox 
  • You’ve finished more intense levels of care, such as inpatient or outpatient care
  • You’ve learned the skills required to maintain sobriety outside of rehab
  • You’re dedicated to overcoming your addiction to drugs or alcohol

Goals of Aftercare

Relapse often happens in addiction recovery, but participating in aftercare programs has been shown to help reduce relapse rates. Aftercare helps clients:

  • Use learned coping strategies to manage triggers in real-world situations.
  • Continue therapeutic work with counselors, psychiatrists and sponsors.
  • Pursue personal and professional goals.
  • Establish a stable support system to maintain accountability.
  • Commit to activities and relationships that encourage a healthy lifestyle.

What to Expect In Our Aftercare Program

Your aftercare planning starts when you begin treatment. Our facility team works closely with your case manager to prepare a comprehensive aftercare plan that will work for you once you’re ready to leave our facility.

After discharge, a patient’s case manager may check on them periodically to ensure they’re doing well and make adjustments to the aftercare plan. Our patients can stay connected to providers they met in rehab through Nobu, ensuring treatment continues with professionals familiar with their history and recovery journey.

Relapse prevention plan

Medical & therapeutic referrals

Teletherapy with Nobu, our mental wellness app

Local recovery resources

The Power of Nobu

Our mental wellness app Nobu is available during and after treatment. Nobu helps you stay connected with your therapist (or lets you switch) and enables you to manage and grow your mental health with free, on-demand tools.

Lessons from experts
Mindfulness training
Clinical assessments
Online teletherapy
Goal tracking
Mood tracking 
Sleep sounds

Your Recovery Is Our Mission

If you struggle with addiction, you’re not alone. Read our reviews and explore why Orlando Recovery Center may be the right place to start your recovery journey.

Ryan M.
17:48 19 Sep 23
I can’t say enough about your faculty!! The compaction that the staff shows is unbelievable and very comforting during this recovery journey. I will definitely continue my outpatient for as long as I possibly can, thank nice again thank you to all!! 🙂
Jill H.
14:54 15 Sep 23
Lindsey Davidson is an amazing outreach professional-this facility offers everything a recovering addict would need-plus the Segway back into society
Matthew V.
09:45 12 Sep 23
Orlando Recovery Center as been a fabulous facility to go to get help and to recover. I commend the staff on a professionalism and they're caring for the patients. The treatment I received has been a life changer. Thank you so much Orlando Recovery Center.
Tyo M.
14:17 24 Aug 23
Was very helpful and everyone there was really nice
Kevin J.
19:32 15 Aug 23
By far the best rehab I have been to. Unfortunately I've been to 6 of them. Special shout out to the nursing staff who always seems to be the brunt of abuse.
Sharon B.
13:19 14 Aug 23
Absolutely helped me. I was totally lost from coming out of a bad situation. Recovery connection connected me to all the right wonderful resources needed within 3 days I was well situated. I thank them.

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