Orlando Recovery Center offers inpatient alcohol rehab and other treatment options to fit many unique situations and support lasting recovery and healing.

Nearly 5% of Floridians struggle with alcohol addiction and abuse, according to a 2019 SAMHSA study. Orlando Recovery Center is a trusted, physician-led treatment center dedicated to helping Floridians overcome addiction and achieve lasting freedom from alcohol. Our experienced professionals provide evidence-based treatment that’s personalized to each patient’s specific needs, equipping them for long-term success.

Alcohol Rehab at the Orlando Recovery Center

Orlando Recovery Center’s alcohol addiction treatment programs focus on medical and clinical support, including intensive individual and group therapy. Detoxification support, life skills, case management services and nutritional and dietary counseling are also available. Orlando Recovery Center offers a comprehensive program of support for recovery and healing.

Our experienced, professional team leads your treatment in a comfortable, supportive environment. Our 93-bed facility offers: 

  • Two fully equipped gyms
  • Basketball courts
  • Heated pool
  • Sand volleyball
  • Squash
  • Pickleball courts
  • Ping pong tables
  • Yoga therapy
  • Art therapy 
  • Music therapy
  • Walking trails

Our Programs

We offer programs to fit many situations and unique needs. Our treatment programs feature tailored care to meet your specific requirements.

Medical Detox for Alcohol Withdrawal

Alcohol withdrawal can be the most dangerous type of withdrawal. We offer a medical detox program that helps make withdrawal as safe and comfortable as possible and improves your chances of successfully eliminating alcohol from your system.

Learn More About Our Detox Program >

Inpatient Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Once you have completed medical detox, you must solidify your gains by treating your underlying addiction. Our inpatient alcohol rehab provides intensive, 24/7 care in our state-of-the-art facility so you can focus on your recovery.

Learn More About Our Inpatient Rehab Program >

Outpatient Alcohol Treatment

In some situations, alcohol addiction treatment can be outpatient, offering the opportunity to get addiction treatment while meeting responsibilities at work, school or home. 

Learn More About Our Outpatient Rehab Program >

Co-occurring Disorder Care

Dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring disorders is specialized addiction treatment that simultaneously treats addiction and other mental health disorders. Many people struggling with addiction also suffer from depression or anxiety; treating both at the same time improves a patient’s rehab success. 

Learn More About How We Treat Co-Occurring Disorders >

Explore Treatment At Orlando Recovery Center

Our full range of treatment options and personalized treatment plans ensure every client gets expert care that meets their needs.

What Our Patients Have To Say

Francisco R.
22:25 28 Mar 23
Awesome place to go and be sober, great support staff (AA)(CA)(NA) Great (BHT) and Nurses..Great food! Swimming pool/Gym and more!They saved my life they can save yours!
Kamall J.
17:57 21 Mar 23
Had a great experience
Andre J.
23:32 13 Mar 23
Wonderful people especially mrs yanique
Julio P.
20:53 11 Mar 23
Everything was great the entire staff was amazing. My therapist was amazing. And I love how they set us up with aftercare.
Veronica J.
20:32 03 Mar 23
It wasn't a bad experience. The staff , for the most part were very kind. The rooms were spacious and the time alone was wonderful. I enjoyed the groups as well, learning different people's points of view help me have a more open mind set of my recovery journey. I have been clean now for 4mths, and glad I took the chance & started my recovery journey at Orlando Recovery Center. ☺️
steven M.
16:25 31 Jan 23
Great staff great place to get sober.

Paying for Treatment

Our goal is to help you access treatment. We work with many national and local insurance providers to make treatment as affordable as possible. Private pay options are also available for those without insurance. You can verify your coverage with us online using this form or by calling our Recovery Advocates

What To Expect Once You Arrive

When you first arrive at the rehab facility, you’ll receive an evaluation performed by medical specialists. As part of this evaluation, professionals will explore your history of alcohol use and perform a physical exam. Any co-occurring physical or mental health issues will be assessed at that time. You will then work with your healthcare team to develop a comprehensive treatment plan best suited to your needs.

If you need to detox from alcohol medically, this will be your first step in treatment. You will go through the physical symptoms of withdrawal under 24-hour medical supervision with nursing care. Often, medications are given to help make the withdrawal process as comfortable as possible.

Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal can include:

  • Tremors
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Sweating
  • Hallucinations
  • Seizures

Depending on the severity of your alcohol abuse, seizures or other symptoms can be life-threatening, making it crucial to only detox from alcohol under medical supervision. 

Medical alcohol detox can take several days and, for most people, is over within a week. Medical detox is necessary for recovery but does not constitute addiction treatment. It must be followed by a treatment program to address the reasons behind the alcohol misuse, helping you learn how to move forward in sobriety.

Choosing To Attend Alcohol Treatment in Orlando, Florida

Whether you live in Orlando or elsewhere, there are many reasons to attend treatment in this beautiful city. Traveling for rehab allows you to leave stressful situations, triggers or environments behind to start treatment without unnecessary burdens. However, finding an addiction treatment location near you can be effective and convenient if you have supportive family members and a healing home environment.

Orlando provides many opportunities for continued post-rehab recovery. Whether through support groups, 12-step meetings, sober living communities or simply the healing sights and sounds of nature, countless places and options are available. 

Begin Your Admission Today

If you’re ready to take the first step towards lifelong recovery from alcohol addiction, Recovery Advocates at Orlando Recovery Center are available around the clock to help you get started.

Ready To Start Your Recovery?

Our Recovery Advocates are here to answer any questions, verify your insurance benefits, and find the best treatment path that fits your needs.

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