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Beyond Addiction:
The Success Stories of Our Recovery Ambassadors

We asked our alumni to share their recovery stories and empower others to seek treatment for addiction and mental health.

We have helped over 45k people get their lives back from addiction. You can too.

Admitting you have an alcohol addiction can be difficult.
How did our alumni know they needed help?

Realizing the need for help is the first step to overcoming addiction.
Our recovery ambassadors decided to embark on their own healing journeys. It’s time to start yours.

Alexander Fuentes

Alexander Fuentes

I knew I wanted treatment when I got tired of being someone I wasn’t and when I realized I was meant to do more in life. When I realized I was made for greatness, just like everyone else.


Michael Walker

Michael Walker

I knew I needed treatment when I realized how much my addiction was impacting my life socially & professionally.


Ed hobson

Ed hobson

I realized I needed treatment when all of my loved ones made it clear to me how painful it was for them to watch me destroying myself.


Where You Start Your Recovery Matters.

Learn why Orlando Recovery Center stands out as the best drug & alcohol rehab in Central Florida.

Alexander Fuentes

Orlando Recovery Center Alumni

I am grateful I went through this hardship as it has taught me so much about myself, the world and my relationships with family, friends, and most importantly, myself. I couldn’t have done it without Orlando Recovery Center! I am thriving and finally living my life to its full potential and doing what I love most! Living FREE Spiritually, Mentally, and Physically.

Recovery Can Feel Impossible. Here is what our Recovery Ambassadors Want to Tell You.

In the face of challenges, our alumni speak to future patients, offering hope and inspiration to those struggling on their own recovery journey.

Alexander Fuentes

Recovery Ambassador
Orlando recovery center
Orlando, FL

If it even crosses your mind that you think you need help, DO IT! Get the Help! You need it! There is absolutely no shame in wanting to be a better you! It took me some time to realize that, but once I did, I asked for help. Just know there are other people who want the best for you, and I also want the best for you! Orlando Recovery Center also makes sure they do their best to help you!

Ed Hobson

Recovery Ambassador
The recovery village
Umatilla, FL

I would tell them my story and hope they would be able to see how recovery has brought me from the brink of death to a fulfilling and healthy life. I would tell them how much easier their life will be when you are free from all the stress and worry that lives within the seemingly eternal slavery of addiction.

Tamitra Quiles

Recovery Ambassador
The recovery village
Umatilla, FL

I’d implore them to stop and look at their lives thus far. I’d ask if they were honestly happy with themselves. I’d let them know it’s okay not to know the answers and that it was okay. I’d ask them to at least step up and try. Try to make one little step to be someone different, someone better than they were yesterday.

What Will Matter In Your Recovery

Our alumni realize that getting help from professionals and forming connections with fellow individuals in recovery made a positive difference in their ability to prevent relapse effectively.

Peer Support

Alexander Fuentes, Orlando Recovery Center Alumni

I would say the camaraderie with my fellow addicts/alcoholics is what helped me the most! I’ve made some lifelong friends and new family members. I’ve built so many amazing relationships with my peers that they helped keep me going. ORC really pushes you into building a community with other people in recovery, and I have to say that was essential to my time at ORC.

Professional Team

Carl Verna, The Recovery Village Alumni, Umatilla FL

From food services to the nurses to the counselors and medical team, the staff of professionals at The Recovery Village were all invaluable. It was a team effort, and every member of the staff exuded a positivity and compassion that was palpable to me. I felt like it was a safe place with competent professionals which was conducive to me getting better.

Guided Therapy

Ryan Scott, The Recovery Village at Baptist Health Alumni,
Palm Beach & Miami, FL

The group therapy sessions were the most helpful part of treatment. The therapists were able to explain the psychological, physiological and society influences and how they interacted in my life.

Aftercare Resources

Michael Walker, Orlando Recovery Center Alumni

I have a firm grip on my sobriety. I feel like I am in complete control. I still do outpatient therapy through Orlando Recovery Center to stay focused.

Addiction Treatment can be life-changing.

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