Cocaine Detox: Is Now the Time?

Last Updated: September 21, 2023

Users often refer to cocaine as a “maintenance” drug. Many report using it so they can better manage in social situations, stay up and drink longer, or power through intense projects at work on little sleep.

Unfortunately, the drug provides none of the benefits that more positive “maintenance” choices, like sleep or good nutrition, might. Cocaine can erode both mental and physical health, and long-term use of the drug can lead to addiction as well as a host of chronic disorders – or overdose.

If it’s a problem for someone you love, cocaine detox is the best option: the sooner, the better.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Cocaine detox is the first step in recovering from abuse of and addiction to cocaine. Physical and mental health issues related to detox, called withdrawal symptoms, can make it difficult to simply stop using the drug at home. Too often, patients instead return to drug use to end the headaches, irritability, paranoia, depression restlessness, and more that often accompany cocaine detox.

A professional detox center can provide the medical support and monitoring necessary to not only stabilize initially in recovery but also to flush the bulk of the toxins out of the system. This can be a tedious time for patients, and the more positive support they have from medical and therapeutic professionals who specialize in the treatment of addiction, the more likely it is that they will complete the process of detox and be best prepared to begin their therapeutic journey in treatment.

A Crucial First Step

Though cocaine detox plays a large part in setting up a patient for success in overcoming drug abuse, it is not a complete treatment unto itself. Rather, it addresses the primary issues that arise as the person stops using cocaine, leaving the underlying issues untouched. As soon as the withdrawal symptoms begin to wane, patients are encouraged to begin the real work of recovery: therapeutic treatments that address all the stressors, co-occurring diagnoses, and challenges that may have driven them to chronic drug abuse in the first place. Though detox is an important first step, these few days or weeks must be followed with intensive addiction treatment if the patient is going to find long-term success in sobriety.

If cocaine dependence is a problem for your loved one, connect them with us at Palm Beach Detox today. We can help them to jumpstart their recovery with comprehensive detox services and prepare them to move forward in treatment. Call now, any time of the day or night, to begin.

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All calls are 100% free and confidential.