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What Happens if You Mix Valium and Alcohol?

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Valium is a relatively safe drug when prescribed by a doctor and used according to the directions, and it can be helpful to those who need it for anxiety disorders. However, when Valium is misused, taken without a prescription or mixed with other substances, it can be dangerous. Valium has a high risk of becoming habit-forming, which leads to misuse and addiction. Though some people believe Valium to be safer than illicit drugs because it is a prescription drug, the risk of dependence is still high. The longer Valium is used or the more that is taken, the greater the chances of developing a substance use disorder.

Using Valium along with alcohol opens up an even higher risk for addiction and chemical dependency. When Valium and alcohol are taken together, the risk of overdose, coma and even death increases substantially.

Mixing Valium and Alcohol

Combining these two substances, unknowingly or intentionally, can be very dangerous. Because both drugs are depressants, taking them at the same time intensifies their effects. These amplified effects may include confusion, drowsiness, slowed motor function, poor coordination, trouble breathing, loss of consciousness and overdose. While mixing both substances in this way can be deadly, it also elicits a pleasurable high, which can cause some people to use the two medications together more frequently.

Treatment for Addiction

If you have a substance use disorder that includes Valium and alcohol, the best way to get help is through a qualified addiction treatment center. It can be difficult to recover from an addiction to either of these substances on your own, but the combination of the two can be even more challenging to manage.

Through a reputable treatment center like Orlando Recovery Center, you can find the help you need to achieve and maintain sobriety. Addiction recovery requires that you learn long-term techniques and strategies for coping with stressors and managing cravings, and a treatment program can help you develop these skills. In treatment, you can also find healthy, positive ways to deal with anxiety without the use of Valium or alcohol.

Orlando Recovery Center programs involve safe and medically-assisted detox, individual therapy and group therapy in a comfortable environment. Admitting the reality of a Valium or alcohol addiction can be hard, but seeking treatment is one of the best ways you can begin to heal. We are here for you. Contact Orlando Recovery Center and learn more about admissions and our programs today.