7 Cocaine Myths and Facts

Last Updated: September 21, 2023

Cocaine is very popular street drug made from coca plants originating in South America and it affects the lives of millions of Americans on a regular basis as a dominant drug of choice. It is easily one of the most commonly abused drugs in the country and carries with it a set of myths, which often are the leading cause of temptation that cause people to try it for the first time or justify continued use.

Most people don’t realize the dangers that surround cocaine and how easily addictions and health-related issues can arise as a result of it. This drug is one full of illusions.  In this article, we’ll review the most common myths and their subsequent facts in an effort to help educate people about the risks associated with cocaine and its use.

Myth: Cocaine is a glamorous drug.

Fact: While television and movies tend to make cocaine seem like a drug of the rich and famous, as it is portrayed as life in the fast lane, what they don’t typically show is the devastating effects it can have on a person’s life.

The lifestyle surrounding a cocaine addict becomes very habitual. It’s been known to lead to the loss of health, jobs, families and homes as it can tarnish a reputation very quickly and is an expensive habit that is hard on finances. Make no mistake, there is nothing glamorous or desirable about losing yourself, or your life, to addiction or polluting your body with chemicals and toxins.

Myth: Cocaine is not addictive.

Fact: It’s not uncommon for people to think it takes a long time to get hooked, or that using cocaine a few times is harmless. The truth is, all drugs are highly addictive, cocaine in particular. While it may not have as many physical symptoms as opiates can cause during a withdrawal, cocaine causes psychological dependence that can be just as strong if not stronger. This leads to cravings as well as obsessive and compulsive using patterns.

Not to mention, this drug loses its effectiveness causing users to continuously increase their intake to create the same feelings they once experienced with much less. Cocaine addiction can happen after the very first time, and often the lifestyle is extremely gripping.

Myth: Cocaine gives you more energy, power and incites better sex.

Fact: Cocaine gained popularity back in the 1970’s among working professionals because people believed it gave them better focus and the ability to work and stay awake for longer periods of time. It’s also commonly thought to produce feelings of power and better sexual experiences.

On the contrary, cocaine use is very counterproductive for all of these supposed benefits as although it is a stimulant, it quickly turns into a depressant. As soon as the effects of the drug wear off, people experience a comedown that can make them tired, restless, depressed, unable to focus and can also lead to health conditions such as sexually transmitted diseases from risky sexual encounters, impotence, inability to perform sexually, and loss of sex drive.

Myth: It’s always safe and doesn’t cause hangovers.

Fact: This white powder is commonly thought of as pure, but little do most users realize, it is cut with hundreds of processing agents as it changes hands from supplier to dealer and so forth. You never actually know what you’re getting and because of the supply and demand, dealers are known to “stomp” it with things such as baking powder, vitamin B, cleaning products and unidentified diluting powders, thus making each use an unpredictable gamble.

The same goes for crack, the smokable form of cocaine. It is filled with just as many impurities, and whether the drug is smoked, snorted or injected, the user can never be certain what they are ingesting. No matter what, the aftermath of using cocaine causes your body and mind to crash, which actually is it’s unique version of a hangover.

Moreover, cocaine and crack use can lead to tremendous health complications such as heart disease, strokes, seizures and many other dangerous side effects including death.

Most people who use cocaine don’t realize that rather than it solving problems like these promising myths, it usually tends to create new ones while failing miserably to solve old ones.

If you or someone you know is struggling with a cocaine dependency, there are real solutions and healthier ways to live. Contact us today to get help from our trained addiction treatment counselors to learn all the facts about cocaine and how you can recover today.

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