What Are the Deadliest Drugs In Florida?

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Florida saw a 22 percent increase in drug-related deaths in 2016. That is over 2,000 more people than the year before who died with drugs in their system. Florida drug rehab could have saved them. Although many people fell prey to opioids, no single opioid was the most deadly drug of the year. The top ranking slot goes to cocaine. … Read More

Is Florida Poised to Legalize Recreational Marijuana?

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As marijuana decriminalization moves slowly across the country, the first step tends to involve legalization for medical use. That recently happened in a landslide Florida vote. With a 71.3 percent to 28.7 percent margin, Amendment 2 became the first significant step in the direction of legalization. Some fear that this is also a step toward a higher rate of marijuana … Read More

Florida Lawmakers Eyeing More Needle Exchange Programs

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What began as a pilot needle exchange program in Miami-Dade could spread across Florida. Since its inception in 2016, state health workers have seen more people diagnosed with HIV and hepatitis getting the treatment that they need. Needle exchange programs help stop the spread of deadly diseases throughout Florida’s population. That is reason enough to get on board. Some naysayers … Read More

Is Alcohol Florida’s Gateway Drug?

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If you have spent years believing that alcohol could not possibly be a gateway drug, you are in good company. You might also be wrong, at least according to new research. Scientists at Columbia University Department of Psychiatry, New York State Psychiatric Institute, and numerous other institutions published their findings in early November with Science Advances. They suggest that alcohol … Read More

Is Marijuana Addiction a Real Thing in Florida?

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The rumors that you have probably heard are partly true. Chances are, you will not get addicted to marijuana. However, about three in 10 people who use it to destress or relax will face dependency sooner or later. If that does not seem like a staggering number, consider that cannabis addicts are in the millions. It is a fact, at … Read More

Why Is Family Therapy So Important in Florida Drug Rehab?

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Drug addiction is not just an individual problem. It is a family crisis that has happened many times throughout history. Addiction affects parents, brothers and sisters, children and even friends, who are sometimes just as close as family. The fact that family members care for one another makes it impossible to sever the emotional tie, not that you would want … Read More

9 Things You Should Know about Cocaine Addiction in Florida

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Cocaine has made headlines for decades. Superstars and celebrities die from cocaine addiction. So do seemingly average people who think they can use it once in a while, and people on the fringe of society who are addicted to multiple drugs. The appeal of cocaine is energy and euphoria. If you ask 10 users, you will probably hear the same … Read More

Can Gaming Addiction Be Treated in Florida Rehab?

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Video games are a blast, right? Whether you like first-person shooters, fantasy RPGs, racing, or anything else, games have advanced to a point that hardly anyone could have imagined when Pong was released in 1972. They are also addicting, and not just for kids. It makes sense when you consider what an addiction really is. Psychology Today says addictions are … Read More

Opioid Addicts in Florida May Not Be Who You Think

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The nation is struggling with an ongoing painkiller and heroin abuse and overdose epidemic, but the users of these drugs in Florida may not be who you think. Many people associate opioid abuse with rural America and young people, where “hillbilly heroin,” which is another name for OxyContin, has claimed countless lives. However, new research has revealed that the misuse … Read More

4 Benefits of Using the Services of a Florida Interventionist

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It is a hopeless and helpless feeling to have a loved one who is struggling with addiction. Sometimes a person with a substance abuse issue will respond to the pleas from family to get help or may even be motivated by other circumstances. Unfortunately, addiction is such a subtle and baffling disease that it takes the lives of too many … Read More