Governor Supports Call for More Funding for Florida Addiction Treatment

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As some funding for Florida addiction treatment has fallen away, Governor Scott announced plans for new legislation that would carve out more money for the vital service. The drug addiction crisis has hit Florida residents especially hard. That is a situation with which Governor Scott says he is personally familiar. In a recent press release, he explained, “Growing up, my … Read More

Florida Professor Identifies Historical Pattern in Opioid Crisis

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The opioid epidemic might seem almost hopeless right now. With new and more disturbing statistics making their way into the state and national dialogue every month and more people dying from opioid addiction, the light at the tunnel seems farther away. Take heart. The current addiction crisis is not the first in American history. It is not even the first … Read More

What Happens in SMART Recovery in Florida?

Recovery from drug or alcohol addiction is already a smart choice, but SMART Recovery is something different and it is available in Florida drug rehab. What is SMART? Self-Management and Recovery Training. It is flexible to help people suffering from a wide range of substance abuse disorders, and it is focused to teach strategies for managing different stages of recovery. … Read More

Blue Cross Blue Shield Study Reveals Increase in Florida Opioid Use Disorder

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Opioid overdose deaths in America have more than quadrupled since 1999. In Florida, drug-related deaths increased nearly 14 percent in 2015 alone, with opioids present more often than any other drug, according to the 2015 Florida Medical Examiners Commission Drug Report. The opioid epidemic is moving in the wrong direction; it is growing, not shrinking. Despite efforts by law enforcement … Read More

What Type of Mental Health Professionals Work in Florida Drug Rehabs?

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Not all Florida drug rehab centers are the same. For the best chance at real recovery, it is important to choose a facility that offers a wide range of services and a full mental health team working together in your best interest. When you enter rehab, these are some of the professionals you can expect to meet and how they … Read More

Healthy Ways to De-Stress in Florida Drug Rehab

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Living in the throes of an active drug addiction can numb your emotions. When you detox and enter treatment, emotions can be laid bare. That is a healthy step in the right direction, even if it is an uncomfortable one.However, it also requires new, healthy ways to manage stress. Florida drug rehab can provide a whole-person approach to recovery. It … Read More

4 Ways Music Therapy Can Help People in Recovery

It is said that music can calm the savage beast, but can it help make drug and alcohol treatment in Florida rehab more effective? Researchers around the world believe so, and maybe you should, too. The core benefit of music therapy appears to be communication. Some believe in its ability to help people express things that they cannot or are … Read More

How Does Yoga Support Addiction Treatment in Florida Rehab?

What would you give to trade drug or alcohol abuse for something that felt better but had no negative effects? Practicing yoga as part of a well-rounded addiction recovery program can give you new coping mechanisms for everyday stress as well as for cravings and other symptoms that can derail drug or alcohol recovery. Do not discount it because it … Read More

Addiction Education in Florida the Key to Providing Help

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The more you know about drug addiction, the more likely you will be to succeed with recovery. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of myths surrounding the causes and nature of addiction. Successful treatment might also be a mystery, but education can change everything. Drug addiction treatment in Florida teaches you about what makes certain substances addictive. You will learn how … Read More

Florida’s Women at Increased Risk for Opioid Abuse

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Although there are more men than women who self-report a drug addiction, women are more likely to abuse opioids and become addicted more quickly. There is no single reason why, but rather a complex set of characteristics and tendencies that work in opposition to getting clean and sober for women. Drug rehab in Florida can help women suffering from an … Read More