What Medications Are Used for Alcohol Addiction Recovery in Florida?

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While alcohol addiction recovery in Florida may not be easy, there are some medications can give you an advantage. They help control certain side-effects and symptoms of alcoholism that could otherwise lead to relapse. In combination with other treatments, such as residential or outpatient care and therapy, medications may be part of a treatment program that is customized for you. … Read More

Identifying the Stages of Relapse in Florida Addiction Recovery

Relapse doe not happen in a blink. Addiction recovery is a lifelong process of ups and downs, and the slip back into bad habits could take weeks or longer to form. Before you know it, shadows from the past could creep up and threaten your reality, even in sunny Florida. Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine says relapse is gradual … Read More

4 Ways to Prevent a Relapse after Rehab in Florida

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Just as detoxification is only one step toward a healthier life, recovery is a lifelong process. Many people slip. Many make mistakes and relapse into old patterns of addiction. That does not have to be your story. You can keep climbing up. Recovery is arguably the most challenging thing you will do, at least in the beginning. Over time, old … Read More

Increase in Drug Overdoses Lowers Average Life Expectancy in Florida

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While Americans overall have enjoyed longer and longer lives, there is a new and unsettling trend. For the first time in decades, life expectancy has declined, particularly for white women and men. Life expectancy in Florida is slightly better than the national average, but it is on the decline as well. Researchers say the new findings are significant, somewhat surprising, … Read More

Florida Opioid Crisis Claims 10 Lives per Day

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Florida’s opioid death count is on the rise. Since 2015, at least 225 deaths have been directly linked to opioids in Broward county alone. Related hospital costs have spiked to over $1 billion, and the numbers keep growing, according to the Florida Behavioral Health Association (FADAA). Drug rehab in Florida can help break these trends and ultimately save lives. Unfortunately, … Read More

Drug Addiction among Seniors Increasing in Florida

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Drug addiction in Florida is not just a disease for the young. A growing number of senior citizens suffer from substance addiction and dependency as well. With such a large number of Florida retirees, both in the Baby Boomer generation and older, identifying the problem is complicated. A veil of mystery is drawn around drug-related deaths in the elderly, so … Read More

HIV and Drug Abuse Walk Hand-in-Hand in Florida

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The chance of a person contracting HIV in America is about 1 in 99, but certain risk factors increase those odds considerably. Urban areas have a much higher concentration of HIV positive people, as do certain states. Florida has more HIV diagnoses that most other states, according to the Centers for Disease Control.  For intravenous drug users in Florida, the … Read More

Binge Drinking in Florida Edges Close to National Averages

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Life can be a party, but partying too hard comes with consequences. Binge drinking might not indicate an alcohol addiction, but it is a sign that there is an underlying problem or one on the horizon. Binge drinking in Florida is on the rise. Despite the best efforts of colleges and universities to educate students about the dangers of partying … Read More

Rehab Romance in Florida: Is It a Good Idea?

Falling in love can be a wonderful thing under the right circumstances. Make no mistake, however. Working through treatment in a Florida drug and alcohol rehab facility is not the right time or place. That is why many, if not most, residential treatment centers have a strict policy against fraternization between patients. The earliest stages of a relationship consume your … Read More

How to Find the Courage to Check into a Florida Drug Rehab Facility

Admitting that you have a drug problem is only the first step toward getting the help. Checking into a Florida drug rehab facility takes even more courage. To a non-addict, fear of getting help might seem strange, but fear is one of the most common reasons so many people who need treatment tend to avoid it. Rehab is life-altering, at … Read More